I’ve been fishing over 30 years and the majority of my time on the water has been spent in Texas with the occasional trips out of state. In 2003 I bought my first kayak and a new era in my fishing life was born. I learned the ropes quickly about gear, paddling, fishing, packing, safety and got a degree from the school of hard knocks with a major in kayak fishing. I learned a lot of ways to not do something.

I love kayak fishing. That’s the bottom line.

As of today, I work with only a few companies. When I  endorse a product  or business it is one I use daily. I can’t support or be supported by something I don’t believe in. I want to save people the trial and error expense that I have already paid. I will do some product reviews, give thoughts on certain innovations and even share a few fishing secrets along the way. Thanks for reading and I hope you like the website enough to share it with your friends!

Chris Payne

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