Cold Water River Smallmouth Fishing

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Over the past few seasons Jeff Little has been systematically putting together one of the most comprehensive cold water rivers smallmouth fishing video’s on the market. The video features Jeff Little and winter fishing enthusiasts and guides Chris Gorsuch and Juan Veruete. This video will walk you through the coldest months of the year and present strategies for finding and catching BIG winter bronze.

Not every angler is prepared or wants to fish in the coldest months but if you have thought about extending your fishing into late fall and early winter (October through November in the North East) this video is your first step to success. The Winter Patterns DVD will provide great insights for tracking, location and catching concentration of big river smallmouth during this time frame when the fish are transitioning into their wintering habitats and feeding behaviors.

The Winter patterns DVD is a full 120 minutes of non-stop instruction on winter river smallmouth tactics taught by Jeff Little, Chris Gorsuch and Juan Veruete. Topics include identification of winter habitat, dead drifting suspending jerkbaits, downsizing the bait, tailrace and spring influences, finesse jig n craw, float n jig, flood conditions, hypothermia prevention, maintaining confidence, feeling the bite, paddle tail grubs, slow rolling spinnerbaits, cold water tube tactics, warm water discharges, warming trends and more. Below is a sample of the video with a brief sample of tracking fish location changes into the late fall and early winter.

River Smallmouth Winter Patterns DVD

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