Deep Cranking with No Anchor


Contributed by Craig Dye, Wilderness Systems Pro Staff

When most think of chunking big deep diving crankbaits from a kayak they think of using an anchor. I personally have never liked using anchors when kayak bass fishing. I know some live and die by it but I just don’t like the time it takes to drop one and pull it up. The biggest problem is figuring out how to counteract the pull from the big lures. Check out these three techniques for cranking deep in a kayak.

Back paddle(No wind or current)

When fishing deep cover or structure with no wind or current I like to use the back paddle technique. I will make a long cast and leave the bail open after the lure lands. Then I will back paddle two or three strokes to get my momentum going away from the lure while letting line out. This is similar to a technique called long lining used in bass boats. Once I starting reeling the backwards momentum will help get the lure deep and keep the kayak from being pulled to the lure. At the same time, having extra line out will keep the lure in the strike zone longer during the retrieve.

Using a drift chute

In the Fall, when the bass head toward the pockets and coves, using a drift chute to slow your drift is a great way to get a few in the boat. Here’s how to fish it thoroughly. Line up with a tree in the back of the cove with the wind to your back. Throw the drift chute out and slowly drift while fan casting. If the fish are feeding I will make the same drift two or three times. The pull from the chute will help keep your lure deep and keep your kayak straight eliminating paddle strokes.

Use the current(Wind or natural)

The easiest way to get at deep crankbait down is to use the wind or current to your advantage. I like to cast into the wind or current resulting in the kayak being pushed away from the lure. This can very efficient and it helps present the lure naturally.

Set up

APR APX Blaster 7’10” Rod
Lews BB2 Speed Spool 6.4:1
12lb Fluorocarbon
Strike King 5XD, Strike 6XD, Rapala DT 16

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