Fall patterns starting in Tidewater

Saltwater fishing in the Tidewater area of Virginia is starting to take on its usual fall patterns. Great reports of speckle trout fishing are coming from all the major inlets in the Hampton Roads area. With the shorter day light and slowly cooling water temps its time for all the inshore species to start raising their fat content for the winter migrations. Fishing inlets with lots of bait and good ambush points and tidal flow is a great starting point for targeting fish. As far as lures make your selections to match the forage. Three to four inch soft plastics and topwaters are always great this time of the year! The most recent reports  also have  Bluefish scattered in the mix so you need to have some hard baits and spoons tied on to keep from making a costly outing on the water. This is just in time for the upcoming TKAA charity tournament www.tkaa.org the last weekend in Sept.

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One thought on “Fall patterns starting in Tidewater

  • September 18, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    Are there any redfish up in that area? I love catching sea trout in the fall.

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