4 Great Rods Under $100

4 Great Under $100Bass fishermen can be frugal. That’s no secret. Money is often a factor for the majority of folks when choosing a new rod or two. When the money is $100 or less and you need quality and multipurpose, these four bass rods are at the head of the class. For multi-use casting rods I have always preferred a seven foot rod in a medium heavy action. I like a fast flex and all but one of these has it. (The descriptions below each rod are from the manufacturers.)

I’ve had the opportunity to fish with all of these and really felt they stood out in the crowd. With warehouses full of different options there may be one that you like better that I should try. I’d love to hear about it and maybe get to try one out or at least check it out in the store. For now, here are my four:

Falcon BuCoo BCC-5-17 Trap Caster     MH MFast $99

Averaging well under four ounces per rod, the BuCoo series deliver an incredible combination of power, light weight, and American quality – all for an affordable price.

American-made FXB graphite blank
Fuji Guides Fuji exposed blank reel seat for direct contact with the blank.
EVA split grip handles for less weight


Fenwick HMG HMG70MH-FC   MH Fast $99

Featuring ultra -sensitive Carbon Bound blanks, Fenwick’s spiral wrapped carbon threading process creates unparalleled strength and precise actions. Sculpted TAC and EVA blended handles and soft-touch Fuji reel seats also combine to deliver outstanding control and maximum comfort – all while keeping weight to an absolute minimum. Premium deep-pressed Titanium Guides help eliminate the issue of inserts popping out, and are virtually bullet-proof to stand up to braided line and years of fishing. Fenwick’s rod building experience and cutting-edge technology blend seamless together with the Fenwick HMG Casting Rods to deliver unsurpassed bass fishing performance.


Duckett Ghost DFGG70MH-C  MH  MFast $99

In keeping with our philosophy of offering a high end rod at an affordable price
we would like to introduce our Ghost line of rods. Based closely on our existing
tapers and actions we have developed a series that is far superior to any rod in
the market at this price point.

The Ghost Series Features:
New Sensi-Touch™ blanks – made from the highest quality multi-modulous pre-pregs for an extremely lightweight and durable rod;
Halo-Sanded™ – for a stronger, lighter rod with great sensitivity;
High impact, cut resistant comfort grip EVA;
True split reel seat for better blank to hand transmission of vibration;
Definite separation of tip and backbone for enhanced performance, cast ability and control;
Proprietary 316 Stainless Steel frames with industrial grade hard chrome inserts;
Eliminates ring loss with increased sensitivity.


Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0  VRTC70-6  MH Fast $99

The updated Veritas® series continues the tradition of lightweight design and superior sensitivity with a renewed focus on strength. By developing a Spiral Core Construction process with our 30 Ton graphite blanks, our engineers were able to significantly improve break strength without increasing weight. Overall break strength improved an average of 22% while tip strength increased by over 30%. The result is uncompromising strength and sensitivity in a lightweight, balanced design. The Micro click reel hood design combines functionality and style, ensuring a solid connection between the rod and reel. Titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts will handle all lines including monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid.




St. Croix Mojo Bass MJC71MHF MH Fast $120

Can anyone really have it all? Successful career + adoring family + respect from the community + enough fishing? We must each answer that question for ourselves. But while we’re asking questions, how about this – if you’ve given yourself completely to fishing don’t you deserve one of our new and improved Mojo Bass rods? Now featuring SCIII graphite and IPC® tooling technology, they are more balanced and sensitive than ever before, not to mention up to 15% lighter. Decked out in a new formulation of our ever-popular Black Cherry Metallic finish, these are the reward for the devoted.

2 thoughts on “Four Best Bass Rods Under $100”
  1. St. Croix Mojo Bass MJC71MHF MH Fast $120 is NOT under $100. When a vendor offers a product for under a $100 and I get to the register and find out it is $120 he has two choices. Make it under a $100 or keep it. You seem to have forgotten the same thing that the big name manufactures have. There are a few thousand bass pros out there BUT there are a Million weekend anglers and small bass fishing clubs. Weekend anglers and local clubs vote with their wallets. Your listing said four rods UNDER $100 and you only show three, the fourth is well over that amount.

    1. While I appreciate you reading the article, perhaps you should read it more carefully. I listed Falcon, a Fenwick, and Abu and a Duckett at $100. I then put a heading that says :

      St. Croix Mojo Bass MJC71MHF MH Fast $120

      I even listed it was $20 more AND that it cost $120.

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