Hook 1 Crew Member Steve Mullins takes 1st at the PACK tournament

A quick report from Steve –

“Always have a backup location on tournament day, even with all the weather forecasts you never know what mother nature will throw your way.  With Plan A ruled out due to high wind, Plan B was in effect to fish a wind protected marsh.  With a lower tide than usual the Redfish were easy to locate in the shallows.  The first Red was found chasing Mullet and with a quick cast it was all over, the 23” fish was a good start.  Around the next bend approximately 45 yards away I noticed a large Redfish tailing with half his body out of the water, looked like he was scrounging around for small Crab.  A long, accurate cast landed the lure in the strike zone, the water immediately erupted and it was certainly an oversized fish.  Once landed, the measurement was 27-1/2″, just 1/2” under the slot limit!

Switched gears to Flounder fishing and picked up another 20-1/2″ Red and lost a small 15″ Flounder at the kayak. With very few Flounder around I decided to head to a deep Trout hole two miles away.  First cast, missed one.  Second cast and BAM!  When I saw this Trout it appeared to be +27″ (they always look bigger in the water).  Reached back to grab the net and it was gone so I just pulled the fish over my foot and kicked her in the kayak – it’s not the first time I’ve lost a net and resorted to this method!  The Speckled Trout measured in at 26-1/8″.  What a day!!!”

Congratulations !!

For more information on this Texas tournament – visit PACKTX.org

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