Jackson Announces Liska as New Entry Kayak

Jackson Announces Liska as New Entry Kayak

Jackson Kayak announced the Liska today.  The Liska is the modern version of our best-selling Cuda series. Wider, more stable and updated with features that entry-level kayak anglers are looking for … and experienced anglers demand. Versatile inshore/lake kayak fishing platform, the Liska uses the same Hi-Lo trimmable seating as the Cuda HD and MayFly.

Jackson Liska Header

The Liska Specs

Length: 12′ 1”

Width 34″

MSRP (US $) coming soon

Not Rudder Ready

Elite Ergo (Sliding HD trim) Seat

435 Pound Weight Capacity

Hull Weight 79 Pounds  w/o Seat

More Liska Info

Track systems on the gunnels and large stern storage area add the functionality lacking in the original Cudas. New, narrow hinging center hatch with molded-in tackle storage and fishfinder battery compartment allow convenient storage without cramping standing area. Molded-in handle on the stern for ease of transport.

Wider hull creates a more stable standing platform than the original Cuda, meaning it is better suited to larger paddlers, beginners, and more gear. Stand and sit with ease – comfortable, padded standing area is standard. Hi-Lo Ergo seat system features hi/lo positioning and track-mounted seat system means infinite trimming fore and aft.

The seat can still easily be removed for use at camp or lounging on the bank, or replacement with an Orion 25 + Handibak. Molded-in-center hatch features two chambers. Front chamber accommodates 2+ Plano cases without cramping standing area. Rear chamber fits cables + fishfinder battery and drains to a single center transducer-ready scupper. Single track on top of cover for mounting accessories. Multiple rod, tackle, and deck storage options.

Padded floor, transducer ready, gear track on either side of seat and on large open stern storage area. Flush mount holders, 2007 RAM fishing rod holder, Ergo seat (maybe with new dry SealLine bag). Paddle holder molded in front hatch. Molded in handle on stern.

The Liska is well-suited to a wide variety of water types and fishing styles, and includes functional versatility for any fishing style. This boat will be ideal for value-minded kayak anglers focused on flat water conditions who want more portability than some of our larger, heavier models. Available Q1 2018.


Liska Product Features

1  – Hi-Lo Ergo Seat

Hi-Lo Ergo seat system features hi/lo positioning and track-mounted seat system, meaning infinite trimming fore and aft. Easily removed for use at camp or lounging on bank.

2  – Hinged Center Hatch

Hinged center hatch for easy fish finder integration while maximizing floor area. Track on top of cover for mounting accessories.

3  – RAM Mounts  – RAM Mounts

RAM 2007 rod holder and 1.5

4  – Flush Mount Rod Holders

Easily reachable rod holders flush mounted conveniently behind the angler. Security for targeting larger fish.

5  – Drag Chain Ready

Pad eyes on stern and drag chain chute make adding a drag chain system a breeze.

6  – Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic handle with added grip texture helps maintain contact when carrying your kayak, even when wet. No fabric ensures snag-proof days on the water.

7  – Standing Pad

Full standing pad for comfort and additional quiet while sight fishing and casting.

8  – Molded-In Recessed Rear Handle

Molded-in recessed handle ensures comfort and ease of transport.

9  – Transducer-Ready  – Raymarine

Specially designed center scupper accommodates many styles of transducers for fish and depth finders.

10  – Molded-In Paddle Holder

Molded-in paddle keeper allows you to tuck paddle blade under bungees to make quick lure changes on the fly.

11  – Gear Track

Located on either side of the seat and on either side of stern tankwell, gear track allows for quick and easy addition of many track-based accessories like rod, phone and paddle holders.

12  – Updated Front Hatch

New large front hatch system with easy-open knob allows access to interior of kayak.

13  – Mesh Seatback Pouch

Convenient mesh seatback pouch attaches behind the angler for quick access to small items such as soft plastics and snacks.

14  – Hull Design

Wider hull creates a stable standing platform and is well-suited to larger paddlers, beginners and those bringing loads of gear.

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