The Kayak Angler Tournament Series (KATS) 2016 Kickoff is right around the corner. The first event schedule at Lake Bastrop on January 16th will start the 10th year of the Texas based series which has grown each year. Several of the KATS events see more than 100 registered anglers competing for cash and prizes but the real draw is the atmosphere.

KATS isn’t just for the big time angler but also caters to those wanting to test out kayak fishing tournaments. With a Pro Division and a Social Division, you can choose your out of pocket expense and potential prize tier.

Whether you decide to lay it all on the line for a chance at the cash or just shoot for winning a prize or two, this is a series that Texas anglers support year after year.

This 2016 Season also sees the Austin based trail branching out more than in years past. Where former freshwater events were relatively close to Austin, 2016 sees the trail going to Coletto Creek, Lake Athens and the famed Lake Fork.

Are you curious as to what it’s all about? You can read more at fishkats.com

Want to see what it’s like? Check out these videos:

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