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Let me start out that I’m an avid kayak fisherman. I’d rather fish out of a kayak than a motor boat any day. I’m also an avid duck hunter, and wanted to do some duck hunting out of a kayak. Beginning of this year I was looking for a kayak that was wide enough for standup fishing, and also comfortable enough to do some duck hunting out of. I immediately fell in love with the Diablo Adios. Its very comfortable with the high seating and its also 36 inches wide. I could walk from tip to tip on this kayak, and I knew that this would accomplish both my needs.

I’ve been duck hunting for over 30 years now, but always out of an airboat, jon boat, or canoe. This year I decided to venture and do some duck hunting out of the kayak. I’ve had some of my more memorable hunts this year from the kayak. Its been very peaceful, remote, comfortable, and productive. My lab “Bailey” has also joined me on my kayak duck hunting adventures. I sit him right in the front without a problem.

Best dog stand around!!!  

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure I’ll be doing some “Cast and Blast” trips in the future. This goes to show that a kayak can also be a hunting machine, and hopefully this write up  will get some of you duck hunters out on your kayaks during hunting season. Happy Hunting/Fishing!!!!



6 thoughts on “Kayak Duck Hunting

  1. I enjoy hunting ducks out of my kayak too, I just started this hunting year. Man is it a blast!

  2. Cool Stuff! Me and a buddy are just looking into duck hunting from the yak. After seeing how close we could paddle up to them before they jumped, I realized the potential the kayak held as a floating blind. Haven’t had the chance to hunt my Malibu yet, as I am becoming for familiar with the rules and regs before I hit the water with a gun.

  3. Get out there and tryout. Hunted 2 times this week from the kayak. One hunt was a puddler hunt in about 2ft. of water, and the other hunt was in like 6ft of water for divers. The diver hunt was outrageous. I had ringers practically landing on me.

  4. Have kayak duck hunted for years. Did you shoot out of the boat? If so, how did you camo the kayak? In our area, shiny boat paint would definitely flare them, but most camo netting I’ve used over the years gets wet/frozen, making paddling very difficult once you’ve set up to hunt. Neat boat!

  5. Check out the Squid Anchor! It’s a natural for kayak fishing and kayak hunting!!! If you want to stay put while your catching your limit or waiting for the ducks to come in… the Squid Anchor will keep you right where you want your yak to be. Seriously… the Squid was designed for exactly these applications!

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