Kayak Fishing – Bungee Handle Tamer

For all of you kayak fishermen and women, here is a trick you can use to tame your kayak handle.  We did this because when we carried our kayaks upside-down on our roof racks, the handle would tap on the truck’s roof marking up the paint. 

Kayaks on roof rack

Tighten up your kayak handle to not hang freely by attaching a Sea-Dog Bungee Clip and some Bungee Cord from the kayak handle cord to a pad eye or outer safety strap on your front hatch.

Sea-Dog Bungee Clip

Kayak Handle Tamer

Do you have any clever ways you have used bungee on your fishing kayak?  Send them in and we will put them up for everyone to see!  mark@kayakfishinggear.com

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