Kayalu Kayalite Product Review

Kayaklu is a small company based out of Cambridge, MA and made entirely in the US.  They offer a wide variety of kayak fishing products, including an 18″ light called the Kayalite.  I recently had a chance to use and review the Kayalite – and came away very impressed.

My initial reaction was that it looked gimmicky…but then I started to look a little closer.  The concept was simple.  You attach the bottom of the Kayalite to an eyelet or deck loop via a clip attached to a bungee.  You then pull the bungee tight and tie it off around the cleat on the light’s mast.  That was it – you were set and the light was safe and secure.

My next thought was – OK, so the light attaches easily and is a great idea, but at 18″ is it high enough?  Well, a quick trip to their website and the US Coast Guard site revealed otherwise.  After a number of tests, 18″ was determined to be the ideal height to be seen – even in high wave conditions.  The beauty of it, is that it is also short enough that I don’t have to worry about hooking it on a back cast.

When it arrived, the simplicity of the design really hit me and I was excited to get a chance to use it.  The “installation” was a cinch!  First, I drilled a hole in the back hatch of my Coosa.  The Kayalite came with a drill bit of the correct size, eye bolt, and nut – so everything I needed was already provided.  I then inserted the eye bolt into the hole and tightened the nut on the opposite side of the hatch.  I clipped on the Kayalite and tightened it down.  Now I was ready to role…and it took literally two minutes!

Because of work and weather, it took me longer than desired to do some on the water testing.  When I finally did get out, I was nothing but impressed.

The first thing I noticed was that Kayalite had a little give.  If it hit a branch, it simply flexed around it and returned to the upright position.  That is something neither suction cup or rigid pole designs can do.  As a river fisherman, that was a HUGE perk.  I also noticed how incredibly bright it was, yet I didn’t feel like it hindered my night vision at all.  I definitely feel better about having one of these lights on my kayak rather than a basic head lamp.  A huge thanks to Steve and Kayalu for hooking me up!

The Kayalite is affordable at $39.95.  I strongly recommend you check these out.  If you do a lot of fishing on rivers or small bodies of water these are the perfect light.  They also work for ocean kayaking and big water adventures.  Plus, with new laws in may states requiring a light on board at all times, these fit the bill perfectly.

Tight lines!

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