Giveaway #1 Lew's BB-1 Reel

Reel Giveaway 1


Chad Hoover is doing a reel giveaway with a Lew’s BB1 Speed Spool Series Baitcaster courtesy of HOOK 1 Kayak Fishing Gear. It retails for $159.99 and is a 5.1:1 ratio. The contest will run for 10 days and will be a drawing for a random winner. How you get entered is to watch the video below, then click on the YouTube link and enter a comment below the video on YouTube about what you would use the 5.1:1 BB1 for. You can comment multiple times if you want. It’s also important to share it wherever you can to increase the comments. Why? Because the more comments, shares and likes the giveaway gets, the more eager companies will be to support bigger and better giveaways in the future! So to boil it down:

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45 thoughts on “Giveaway #1 Lew's BB-1 Reel

  1. I would have to put the bb1 on a nice fast action APR rod and catch some monster fish I have transferred over to most lees reels but on spinning reels I’d love that reel!!!

  2. I have 2 Lew’s speed spools and am planning on replacing all my brand A reels with lews. They are the If I was to win this one I would mate it to an 7 ft med/hev lews rod and crank away.

  3. This would be a great reel for being introduced to bait casting reels seeing how I’m a spin gear guy I don’t own one bait caster

  4. I would use this BB1 to pull up some hawgs to measure in my new hawg trough from Hook1!

  5. I would stick that baby on my carrot stix and slow roll cranks and spinner baits on Douglas bass !! Good luck y’all thank you Chad !!

  6. I have 2 lews reels now and love them. Both are faster retrieve than this so I would put this on a Duckett micro magic in med heavy for cranking and swim jig fishing. I want it. ????

  7. I have spin reels. Just recently i was researching the spin reels vs bait cast. I think I am hooked on bait cast reels now. This is a nice one.

  8. I would pair this with a medium action manley rod to use with my cranking presentations. The slower retrieve speed would allow for that perfect “slow roll” that’s important for catching cold water bucket mouthsß

  9. My cat Finns and I would use the Lewis BB1 on my Duce rod and go catch and tag specs. Of course I keep the keepers. My Duce is with out reel at the moment.

  10. I love Lew’s Reels which I have Super Duties, Tournaments Pros and a BB1! Lew’s service is great and fast!! I would use it for Cranking and the most for Swimbaits like the Huddleston 68 which with the slower gear ratio is great for creeping them along especially in the winter! I use the Lew’s Super Duties with the heavier gears when I go to the 8″ Huddleston Swimbaits which run just short of 5 ozs.?

  11. I would use it to try and get my first ever kayak bass fishing win and I would also use it to try and catch my personal best

  12. I own 3 Lews reels and only 1 is a BB1 looking to upgrade all my reels to BB1’s would mount it on a 7’3 Black Omen rod med action for swim jigs and crankbaits .B

  13. I would pair it with a 7’5-8′ rod, Medheavy-heavy action. I would throw big swim baits. Before the spawn, big mama bass likes to stuff up before spawning. Big mama bass love to eat big baits and the BB1 will get the job done. The gear ratio on the “bb1 give away” is perfect for slow retrieve; just what big mama bass likes. Big mama bass likes slow big easy meals before spawning. Kinda like pregnant women with big appetite (no offense). I would love to get this reel before the 2016 bass spawn starts!?

    1. My goal this year is to catch a 7lb or better kayak bass to break my last years 6lb kayak bass!?

  14. I have several 6.4:1 Lew’s bait casters, which are just fantastic and work great with 40 plus pound braid. However, they can require a ton of patience when needing to work creature baits extremely slow for lethargic bass. I would put the 5.1:1 on a fast action 7ft rod in order to feel the bite and give that life like presentation. Who knows, maybe this real giveaway will be the one that qualifies me for the 2017 KBF national championship.

  15. I’d use the bb1 along with my 7:1:1 speed spool. Most likely put it on a meat stick for pulling those lunkers out on a jig.

  16. I’ve got 3 Lews baitcasting reels and I’m a true believer of what Lews stands for. With that being said, I would use the Lews BB-1 5.1.1 reel for slow rolling cranks and Spinnerbaits when the bass want the presentation to be on the slow side and maybe even with using it on a topwater popper setup that way it stays in the strike zone longer.

  17. Awesome give away. I would love to win this reel haven’t had a new reel in forever.

  18. I would first have to experiment since this would be my first Lews reel. But guarantee I would put it straight to work.

  19. If I had this reel in 12 days I would crank a Bandit mistake 200 8 ft to 15 ft of water chunk rock bank on Center Hill!!!

  20. I would put this reel on my medium heavy set up since it has more line capacity and I like that so if the fish is large he can take drag if he/she would like to. It would be nicer in the extra fast 8.0 to 1 ratio but any of them would satisfy me!!

  21. I would expand my horizons to Bigger and nastier Largemouths, moving on up to “reel” fish!!

  22. I’m learning a bit here. This has made me curious about the bait caster reel. I wondered about what the 5.1.1 ratio actually means. It means that a gear with a 5.1.1 ratio will spin 5.1 times with each handle turn. This is considered a slow action ratio which is actually a good thing. It has a higher amount of torque allowing for less effort in retrieving the bait. So I would use this reel with the deep crank baits. More on my research tomorrow…

  23. I would use this Lew’s to slow down a swim jig. Or maybe even put a crank bait or Huddleston on it.

  24. I wondered what does someone mean by a “slow roll”? A slow roll means retrieving the line slowly or slower in order to peak the interest of the larger fish who are deep in the cold water and might be lethargic or “chilling”. So since the gear ratio on the BB 5.1.1 is perfect for “slow rolling” big heavy baits in front of that wary big bass, that’s what I would use if for… more research tomorrow…

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