New Kayak Fishing Gear Product

Soon to come – Scotty Mini Rod Holder Extender.  We just got a sample of this product and will have an estimated arrival date soon – we’ll let you know when we find out.  This is a shortened version of the stainless steel Rod Holder Extender – but no stainless steel, all plastic.  This extends your rod holder height by 4 1/2″.  Total length seen in the picture is about 6″.

 Scotty Mini Rod Holder Extender

Scotty has also come out with LOCKING mounts – the #241 Mounting Bracket and the #244 Flush Mounting Bracket.  We will have both of these in stock in about a week.  No more inserting your Scotty product in the mount, turning and pushing down to lock in.  With the new locking mounts, all you do is push the product into the mount and it locks in.  The Flush Mounting Bracket may work a bit different, but the same concept.  The #241 has a button for release as does the #244.  You can see both of these on the Scotty Website –

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