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A few weeks ago I received an email about a new anti-nausea treatment. The fact that it was a nutrition bar is what intrigued me. Not knowing what it would entail, I decided to check it out and ordered a couple of samples. Before I get into the ins and outs, here is press release from the makers of the Anchor Nutrition Bar.

Cambridge, MA – Real Food Solutions LLC is launching the first nutrition bar to prevent and ease nausea. The Anchor Nutrition Bar provides a delicious and convenient alternative to drugs for nausea caused by motion sickness, morning sickness and other sources.

More than two-thirds of the population is prone to motion sickness. “Nausea sucks. There is nothing worse than suffering from seasickness while stuck on a boat miles from shore,” says Neheet Trivedi, CEO of Real Food Solutions. “Customers complain about unwanted side effects of drugs, and have told us that current solutions are not always effective. We set out to create a tasty, healthy, all-food snack that helps prevent and relieve nausea with no side effects.”

Anchor Nutrition Bar contains only recognizable food ingredients that are known to prevent and reduce nausea. The Real Food Solutions team worked closely with Dr. Rupa Mukherjee of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess to develop the bar. The formulation is based on scientific research that links protein, ginger, and B vitamins to nausea relief. The team extensively surveyed clinical studies and spoke with researchers to find the most effective ingredients for the Anchor Nutrition Bar. Dr. Mukherjee explains, “I see someone with nausea every day, and it’s clear people are looking for a remedy without drugs and side effects.”

Real Food Solutions seeks to offer customers relief from everyday ailments using only healthy, natural ingredients. Anchor Nutrition Bar is a wholly food-based solution to nausea that is high in protein, low in fat and sugar, and contains no preservatives or soy. “We designed Anchor Nutrition Bar to be nutritious and safe, even during pregnancy. It is just food, and it makes a perfect snack,” notes Trivedi. In surveys with customers on sea and land, more than 70 percent report that Anchor Nutrition Bar effectively prevented and/or relieved their queasiness.

Anchor Nutrition Bar is currently available at It’s also available on select cruises, whale watches, and ferries.

The Anchor Nutrition bar is packaged and looks just like many other nutrition bars on the market. In the tests conducted, the bar did reduce motion sickness in multiple scenarios where motion was not straightforward at set elevation. Circular motion, snaking through winding roads, moving while facing backwards in vehicles and quick elevation changes were all tested and subjects felt significantly easier dealing with the situations compared to earlier, non-treated travels along the same routes. In other words, it seemed to work for the people who tested it for us.

The biggest problem one might have with the bar as compared to more conventional ways of treatment is taste. The bar tastes like and looks like a normal nutrition bar. Think Lara Bar or some of the Clif bars. It is dense and can be some work to chew. Is the taste problematic? Not really, it’s just different. Texture is a much bigger thing here. If you are used to nutrition bars and there density, this is a pretty good option. If you’ve not liked your nutrition bar in the past, you should skip this option.

All in all, it’s a pretty cool product that works for lots of folks. You should keep a bottle of water handy to wash it down with though.

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