PRODUCT REVIEW: Yak Attack's VISICarbon Pro

When I go fishing my focus is on catching big bass. I don’t want to be worrying about my equipment or safety. I am also a true do-it yourself type person.  If I can build it cheaper and maintain quality I’m all for it. That was my mind set when I decided I needed a light for my Kayak. After several failed attempts (and a few wasted dollars) of making my own I found a product from Yak Attack called the VISI-Carbon Pro.

The VISI Carbon Pro is built around a carbon mast that folds down to three 14” easily manageable lengths.

Inside the tube is an elastic cord that runs the length of the tubing allowing the unit to fold flat on itself.  Simplicity at it’s finest! Mounted on top of the carbon mast is an extremely bright 360 degree, 2 led light. On the Yak attack website they boast 100 hours of life with the three AAA batteries used to power the light. I’ve had mine for a couple months now and it is still just as bright as the first time I turned it on.

The body of the light was specially designed  to mount a flag secured by two small bungee cords to the shaft. The light is easily turned off and on with a quick turn of the diffused light cover. It’s a nice design that won’t allow the light to accidentally be turned on and drain the battery.  On the body of the light you will find marine grade reflective tape. I didn’t realized how well it worked until I saw it reflecting light as I was walking up to my kayak at night. The orange (also offered in green)  flag is 6”x18” and is constructed of two ply nylon.  It’s a nice size of compromise between improved visibility and keeping the drag down from the wind.  One end of the flag is sewn shut while the other is left open with two pieces of Velcro sewn in as to create a bag.

That’s correct, the flag also doubles as the storage bag to store the complete unit. What a great idea to save space!
Yak Attack offers different mounting options where the shaft connects to the kayak,.  Ram, Mighty Mount, and Tallon are all available. The base is covered with a buoyant foam allowing the entire light assembly to float in case it is accidentally dropped overboard. They had the forethought to make the outside diameter to fit in the flush mount rod holders on my Outback kayak. In the event the kayak overturns there is an elastic tether securing it to the kayak.

I’ve been using the VISI-Carbon Pro for a few months and am impressed with the illumination provided by the light. It’s so bright that I also use it to illuminate the area while preparing my kayak and fishing equipment in place of a flashlight. While in the kayak the height that it is mounted behind me doesn’t blind me while fishing.  Although I really appreciate the visibility the flag offers me I often forget it’s back there until I am fishing heavy timber. I love to fish back in heavy,  nasty stuff that most people will go around.  Sometimes the kayak will just barely squeeze though. Being mounted in the rod holder means that the light is kicked out to the side of the kayak like a rod would be. This is no problem in open water but if you are trying to squeeze through trees on both sides of you it will hang on the light/flag. This has allowed me to see the durability of this product. On numerous occasions I have  hung up on trees, branches,  vines, etc.  I will  tell you first off that the VISI-Carbon pro was NOT designed to scrape bark off a tree, be bent over backwards, or stressed out like I have done. However it has proven to be very durable and I have certainly put it to the test!

In conclusion, I’ll say that I’m extremely impressed with the design of this product.  This light is well worth the investment and I would recommend it to anyone.  It was money well spent!


  • Very bright light
  • Long battery life
  • Collapsible and compact design
  • Fits in it’s own bag (The flag)
  • It floats
  • Reflective tape on the light
  • Lightweight but extremely durable
  • Tether to secure to the kayak


  • Haven’t found any

Shaun Russell

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  • November 20, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    I really like how the light breaks down and can store inside the flag. It sure beats a four foot section of pvc.

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