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After hearing from a friend that near trophy sized spot were being caught atRudee, I made the 2 hour trip down to Virginia Beach.  I found decent numbers on the incoming tide, with the biggest going 10.5″.   They were all short of the 13″ or 1pound citation requirement.  Also included in the mix were pinfish, pigfish, baby croaker, sand perch, small puffers, oystertoads, baby black seabass, 2 speckled trout (15″ and 18″), a 6″ black drum, and a 13″ sheepshead.  Just about every species likes bloodworms.

If only it had been a tournament for most species in a day.
Baby Gag Grouper from a previous trip
Baby Cuttlefish from a previous trip

Side note:  I also caught an 18″ speckled trout while trolling a 1/4oz jighead / 3″ white grub on the way out to the entrance of the inlet.

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