REVIEW: EnduroPacks Liquid Electrolytes

REVIEW: EnduroPacks Liquid Electrolytes

liquid electrolytes enduropacksIf you spend a lot of time in the outdoors, especially in the warmer climates, you know that hydration sometimes isn’t enough to prevent cramping. Electrolytes become important and adventurers will often reach for drinks like Gatorade to meet the need of hydration and electrolytes. The potential problem with that is sugar. Sugar can actually worsen cramps and add stomach upset as well. I went on the search for a better option, something I could add to packed in or even scavenged, filtered water that would serve as a better alternative. That search leads me to EnduroPacks Liquid Electrolytes. I’ll cover the details of what I found further down but first a little info from EnduroPacks about their Liquid Electrolytes.

About Liquid Electrolytes

Add Liquid Electrolytes to any beverage to reduce the risk of dehydration and mineral deficiencies. With no sugar, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients and zero calories (makes 30 servings) Liquid Electrolytes is a great choice.
We have 13 naturally-occurring minerals to improve blood flow and rebalance pH to reduce risks of cramping, headaches, and dizziness.

Sugars and artificial sweeteners can cause stomach issues and GI-distress for athletes working out. Not to mention the extra calories that sugars contain. Our Liquid Electrolytes contain no sugar, no coloring, no preservatives, with just a hint of natural citrus flavoring. “A fresh, clean, taste without the sugar content”, said ultra runner Rodney Buike.

For anyone that has suffered from GI-distress from sports products, this is a great option. Simply add 10 sprays of our electrolyte formula to 16 ounces of water or your liquid of choice for during or post workout rehydration.

liquid electrolytes enduropacks

The Good

EnduroPacks Liquid Electrolytes are super easy to carry with you whether running, on a trail, on a bike or fishing all day in your kayak. What I really like is if I carry it with my Life Straw, I can get filtered water with electrolytes pretty much anywhere.

The Liquid Electrolytes have virtually no taste at all so it won’t disrupt any flavors your water or drink of choice may already have. I’ve heard some people talk about a slight citrus flavor but I didn’t have that experience. If you spray it on your finger and taste it, you’ll really only get the sodium flavor. Don’t worry though, the taste is diluted throughout the 16 ounces of liquid you put it in.

Since it is in a two-ounce bottle, you can travel on an airplane with it as well. Just make sure to include it in your shaving kit or medication bag so TSA won’t assume it’s something it isn’t.

Through the times I’ve used it ( a few kayak fishing outings with 100 degree days here in Texas), I’ve noticed no headaches where I used to get them and no muscle cramping. Pretty impressive. I plan to forego lots of Gatorade purchases and just take water with me and my bottle of Liquid Electrolytes whenever possible. Saves me money and is a lot easier to manage on the water.

Room for Improvement

At $17.50 for 30 servings, Liquid Electrolytes cost about 58 cents per use. A LOT of people will forego this option and opt for something not as expensive.

I have a suspicion that if Enduropacks were to add flavored options so people could make flavored electrolyte water these might sell better. I know I’d be interested in trying those out. There is a psychological factor at play. Spraying something with virtually no taste into a bottle of water, that creates skepticism. Even colored dye would curb some of that doubt.

Final Thoughts

While Enduropacks Liquid Electrolytes may not be a fit for everyone, health-conscious outdoor adventurers will recognize and appreciate the advantages. Being able to pack a healthy, lightweight, no calorie substitute almost everywhere is a major win.

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