Off Grid Tools Companion 400 Pro Survival Tool

Off Grid Tools Companion 400 Pro Survival ToolWhether it’s Christmas season, a birthday, or anniversary, shopping for the outdoor enthusiast can be difficult and sometimes pretty expensive. It doesn’t have to be though. I found the Off Grid Tools Companion 400 Pro Survival Tool  surfing the web and decided to give it a shot as a potential recommended gift item. The $25 price tag and features seemed pretty legit for a stocking stuffer. I had a camping trip planned with the family already so the timing was perfect.

Off Grid Tools Companion 400 Pro Survival ToolAbout the Companion 400 Pro Survival Tool

The Survival Companion Pro Multitool is survival that fits into the palm of your hand. The tough aluminum body is built to take a beating, while you survive the elements.

The hand tool contains fold out ferrocerium and magnesium rods for fire starting, along with an emergency whistle, blade sharpener, and reflective panels. The compass and thermometer are also essential to survival out in the elements. The feature rich removable belt clip contains a screwdriver, bottle and can opener, 4 different hex wrenches, a serrated scraper, and a ruler.


Off Grid Tools Companion 400 Pro Survival ToolThe Good

I’m a 12 year old boy at heart so the first thing I wanted to try was the fire starter rods. I removed the wrench/belt clip from the back of the Companion 400 Pro, opened the rods and got to striking. I was hesitant to put any force into it at first but after getting nowhere for a couple of minutes I struck it like I meant it and sparks flew. Success!

To my own surprise the compass and the whistle worked really well too. At one point during a hike I gained a little distance from the family and needed to let them know where I was at. I blew the whistle and they could hear it very well. In a true survival situation, that’s a lot better than yelling.

OGT Companion Pro 400 4Areas of Improvement

The signaling mirror is more of a check your teeth mirror. It’s not really strong enough to do much. Don’t count on it as a signaling mirror and you’ll be fine.

The wrench is a touch small for people with large hands. It’s still usable but doesn’t work as easily as it would for someone with small to medium hands as it digs a bit when torque is applied.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tested a lot of survival style tools, pocket knives, and outdoors stocking stuffers over the years and of all of them, this one is my favorite. $25 is just a drop in the bucket for a pretty cool gift that most outdoor enthusiast would appreciate. If you think you might want to order one, they have a code going right now for 20% Off if you use code BLOGGER20 at checkout.

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