REVIEW: Three Rogue Fishing Products

REVIEW: Three Rogue Fishing Products

Rogue Fishing Review Accesories Kayak Fishing Payne OutdoorsRogue Fishing has been listening to kayak anglers requests and turning those needs into kayak fishing accessories. I decided to try out some of their more popular items over the last month and today will report back on three of them: The Ally Stand Up Assist and Drag Strap, The Protector Phone Tether, and the Guardian Utility Leash. If you want to check out the website for other offerings click here: Rogue Fishing

About Rogue Fishing Products

Ally Stand Up Assist and Drag Strap $13

Ally Stand Up Assist Review Rogue Fishing Payne OutdoorsStand strong with your Ally. The Ally is a multipurpose strap that gives you a big lift in all the key areas.
Balance – Remove any uncertainty or concern of standing or sitting in your kayak. Attach the Ally to an anchor point on your boat, easily grab the handle and effortlessly pull yourself up at your convenience. You’ll feel confident and free to pursue adventure in new and exciting ways.
Lift – Your back will thank you when you use the Ally as a drag strap. Simply attach it to the front handle of your kayak, slide one hand thru the handle and grab the strap, then with your other hand grab the handle and lift. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to lift your kayak. Get the tools you need to remove chaos & frustration so you can thrive on the water. 


  • Comfortable handle to help move from seated to standing
  • Added grip when dragging kayak to the ramp
  • Made of super-strong, heavy-duty nylon webbing
  • 28 inches in total length
  • Rogue’s Quality Assurance Warranty


Ally: The Good

If you’ve been fishing in kayaks for very long, a universal truth is that almost all kayak handles are awful. Molded handles make it tough to portage, t-style handles are a solid tug away from breaking. Many people resort to using paracord or even dog leashes. The Ally Stand Up and Drag strap fixes those needs. I loop it through whatever U-bolt or hardware is in the nose of the kayak and can drag without the fear of breaking.

The strap also works well as a stand assist strap for those who want to stand in a kayak but are a little less nimble.

I appreciate the molded flex handle on the strap as it doesn’t cut into my hand when dragging. The seams are well done and strong.

Ally: Room for Improvement

Currently, the Ally is only available in a 28-inch length. For those of us who drag through shallow rivers quite a bit, it would be beneficial to have a 48-inch model as well. This would allow me to wade fish with the boat in slow current but not have it banging around on my legs. It might also help with steeper boat ramps. When I use a bed extender in my truck, the angle when loading can be precarious. A longer strap would allow me to attach it in the bed of my truck so it doesn’t slide off of the bed extender when moving around to get behind it.


Protector Phone Tether $15

Rogue FIshing Protector Phone Tether Review Payne Outdoors

You protect all your kayak gear. Now it’s time to protect your most precious asset. 

 Let’s face it – there’s a lot going on to get that perfect picture of your fish or the scenery around you! From balancing your paddle on your lap, to handling the fish, to getting your measuring board out, one unfortunate slip and all of your contacts, photos, and work life could end up in the water, gone forever. That’s where the Protector comes in! Made from a durable silicone case and the same tough leashes that we’re known for, the Protector will grip your phone tight, keeping it safe from chaos so you can thrive on the water!
The Protector will fit nearly any smartphone*, with or without a case! Other solutions are bulky and clunky but not the Protector. It easily connects in seconds – and you can keep the Protector attached to your pfd, so you’re ready to go the next time adventure calls! Your phone is an investment, it’s your life. Make sure it’s secure with the Protector!
Already have your favorite Rogue leash and just need the phone case? You got it – click here.


  • Made from durable silicone
  • Universal fit, will fit any smartphone – with or without a case**
  • Take on and off your phone in just seconds
  • Compact leash is small enough to stay out of your way, but stretches enough to get that picture for your tournament
  • Rogue’s Quality Assurance Warranty***
* Works best with smartphones ranging anywhere from 4-6.5 inches. Larger phones that also have thick, protective cases may be too large for the case.
** Have a center-mounted camera and worried that the silicone case will cover your camera? Have no fear! The Protector will still work perfectly! You just have to move the silicone over a bit and voila! It’s out of the way of your camera and your phone is safe and sound.
*** The leash is covered under the full Rogue Quality Assurance Guarantee. The silicone case is covered under a 90 day Rogue Quality Assurance Guarantee.


Protector: The Good

I have lost count how many phones have been lost on trips I’m on. Tournament fishing with CPR format, boat fishing for fun, or guided trips all warrant and need camera usage and since we all have a camera on our phones, it’s natural for us to have them out. Just last week I watched a phone go into 40 ft of water. My buddy was pissed. The Protector phone tether should have been what he was using instead of just slipping his phone in his pocket.

The Protector fits most of the phones out there. The silicone x-wing pattern wraps around the corners of your phone and holds on. I did several drop tests with it and couldn’t get it to fail. I was impressed. I tested it on an iPhone X. Anytime I am in the kayak moving forward, I’ll have the protector attached.

Protector: Room for Improvement

I find the coil on the Protector a touch bulky. I understand the function behind it however I’d love to see a straight leash model with no coil. That will make it lay flatter in a pocket and not be in the way as much. This really only applies if you attach the protector to your PFD.


Rogue Fishing Guardian Utility Leash 115 $13

Rogue Fishing Guardian Leash Review Payne OutdoorsKeep your gear where you want it – in your kayak!

Things can turn chaotic really quick in your kayak.  But you don’t have to become a victim of losing a knife or pliers or even your Hawg Trough in the middle of a cast or while measuring a fish during a tournament. Rest assured knowing that your hard-earned gear is staying in place so that you can focus on what you want – success on the water.

From keeping your Hawg Trough afloat to tethering a Bluetooth speaker to your boat, the Guardian 115 will keep you organized so that you can be free to pursue your adventure. We provide the tools you need to remove chaos & frustration so you can thrive on the water.


  • An 11.5-inch coil that extends to over 60 inches long
  • Oversized 35mm split ring that will attach to nearly any tool you throw at it
  • Black carabiner with 35mm split ring to anchor to virtually any point on your kayak or pfd
  • Designed and assembled in the U.S.A. with Rogue’s strict quality standards
  • Rogue’s Quality Assurance Guarantee

Guardian: The Good

This is a really nice leash. For the DIY guy, it may not make as much sense but quite frankly, this is a high component leash for not a lot of money and I don’t want to spend the better part of a weekend playing with old weed eater line and hoping it works out. The 11.5 to 60-inch range is impressive and the connecting rings are really robust. I plan on using these on trolling rods and attaching a cooler in the back tank well in case of a turtle incident.

Guardian: Room for Improvement

I don’t have a ton of suggestions here save for the possibility of adding a few more colors.


Final Thoughts

The products from Rogue Fishing are really well thought out with robust components. The accessories Rogue Fishing offers cater to the hardcore angler as well as the recreational paddler and will perform great for either group. I am looking forward to see what other innovations the crew at Rogue Fishing comes out with next.


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