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Thank you for checking out our store! We have a procured collection of items and are proud to be the exclusive online home of RPG Outdoors soft plastic fishing baits. RPG soft plastics are hand made here in Central Texas, hand packaged and shipped directly to you. With no middle man, we can keep prices lower on these custom baits. Each bait is garlic scented and has a light coat of worm oil.

We highly recommend checking the color chart listed here for what the colors look like. Don't see a color you want? Let's do a custom! If you have a particular color way you'd like to get some of our bait patterns in, shoot an email to We can get you hooked up with color possibilities and pricing.

We take PayPal, Credit, and Debit cards and shipping is flat rate on everything we sell. If you'd like to pay cash or pickup in person, please change the shipping option to in person cash or in person pickup.


RPG Outdoors Custom Baits


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