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I had just paddled into my first spot of the morning with my rod and reel at the ready when I spotted a wake moving towards me. I knew it was a Redfish so I picked my spot and made my cast toward him. He turned on my Slayer Inc. SST like I have never seen before and inhaled it. A few minutes later I had a 29-inch Redfish at the side of my kayak. That was my first cast ever with the Slayer Inc. SST, and like my Redfish, I was immediately hooked.

22 inch Flounder caught on Slayer SST Root Beer Body with a Chartreuse Tail

Slayer Inc. Lure Company is based in Jacksonville, Florida and was started by Chris Cenci in 2007. With years of experience and knowledge under his belt from inshore and tournament fishing, Chris set out to create a company that would stand out from the rest. After speaking with him recently, it was clear to me that he is passionate about the business and believes that the little things really make the difference to the customer. He’s right. By the end of the conversation, I was fired up and ready for some fishing.

21 inch Flounder caught on Slayer SST Root Beer Body with a Chartreuse Tail

I have been using the Slayer Inc. Sinister Swim Tails (SSTs) for a few months now and can not begin to describe how impressed I am. My recent catches have been Redfish, Flounder, Trout, Snook, Mangrove Snapper, Goliath Grouper and just this past weekend I hooked a nice Tarpon with SSTs. I have found them especially deadly on Flounder and Redfish. My best day with them so far scored me 9 Flounder, 2 Reds, and 2 Snook. The SSTs have been designed with Slayer Inc.’s “Flow Motion” technology for maximum action and vibration that the fish can feel with their lateral lines. The extra large tail is angled at 90° to the body that produces action at any speed, which is one of the reasons I think they work so well on Flounder. Try any retrieval speed you like and it will produce fish.

Redfish Caught on Slayer SST Chost Shrimp Glow

The Slayer Inc. SSTs come in a wide range of colors providing over 30 options to suit anyone’s fishing style and personal preferences. I personally like the Root Beer and Molting bodies for dark-colored water and the Ghost Shrimp Glow for clearer water. It all comes down to your personal preferences and what you have confidence in.

Slayer Inc. offers more than just the SST line. They also have a full line of hooks, spinner baits, and a variety of jig heads. Chris explained to me that a lot more goes into making a jig head than most people think. He found from experience that it was too easy for other baits to lose eyes when used close to structures or around heavy cover. To combat this, Slayer Inc. came up with recessed holographic eyes and also provides a triple dipped finish that stands up better to abusive conditions. Below is a list I compiled of the different jig heads and their intended uses along with information about the Penetrator Hooks and spinner baits.

Predator XXX Jig Heads-  Comes in variety of weights, colors, and hook sizes in addition to its triple dipped finish and recessed holographic eyes which will endure the abuse of heavy structure fishing.

Predator XXX Jig Heads – WEEDLESS- Available in 1/8oz. and 1/4oz. sizes with 3/0 or 4/0 hook. A great solution for fish feeding on the bottom while in the grass.

Destroyer XXX Jig HeadsAvailable in 1/8oz., 3/16oz., 1/4oz. and 3/8oz. size with 3/0 or 4/0 hook (1/8oz. only available in 2/0 hook, 3/8oz. only available with 4/0 hook). The Destroyer works well live bait applications as well.

Predator XXX Elite Series-  Jig head that utilizes an Owner Cutting Point hook.

Predator XXX Jig Heads – “Heavyweights” – Same features that make the original Predator jigheads so popular but with heavier weights and larger hook sizes for chasing after bigger game such as Cobia and Tarpon.

Predator XXX Jig Heads “Tweeners”-  Perfect for those conditions when an 1/8oz is too light and a 1/4oz is too heavy. It is available in Chartreuse, Red, Pearl and Black Holographic in both 3/0 and 4/0 hook sizes.

XXX Penetrator – Weedless Wide Gap Hooks– They are offered in Black and Red and range from non weighted up to 3/16 of an ounce. The hooks ranges in size from 3/0 to 5/0 with screw in bait keepers.

The Punisher Inline Spinner Bait-   Three models are available with a red glass bead in the middle for added fish attraction in clear water.  Made with heavy guage wire, a 60lb split ring and backed up with a Gamakatsu EWG Superline hook, there are no weak links in this spinner bait.  Made especially for fishing around heavy cover when a weedless presentation is needed.  The Punisher In-Line runs straight and true without spinning using a curly or paddle tail grub.

The “Junior” Punisher Blade System- Is slayers smallest blade system. It comes with a small R-Bend frame and is available with a #4 Willowleaf, #4 Olympic or #4 Colorado blade.

The “Original” Punisher Blade System-  The first blade system slayer designed and is currently their mid-sized blade system. It is also their most popular. It comes with a large R-Bend frame and is available with #4 Willowleaf, #4 Olympic or #4 Colorado blade.

The “Senior” Punisher Blade System- The “Senior” Punisher is the largest blade system. It comes with a large R-Bend frame and is available with the largest blades; #5 Willowleaf, #5 Olympic or #5 Colorado blade.

Photo of the new Sinister Stick Bait (S.S.B) that was featured on the Slayer Inc. Facebook Page

This week Slayer Inc. will be releasing the new Sinister Stick Bait (SSB) and it will be another great addition to Slayer’s already impressive line of products.

To learn more about Slayer Inc. Lure Company and their awesome product line visit their website by clicking here and by joining them on Facebook for news and updates.

The article was originally posted on the New Smyrna Beach Kayak Anglers website.

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