Slump Busting Convict

“Scoping the rocks”  Photo credit: Joe Underwood

The last month and a half have been more than a little frustrating as trip after trip ended in disappointment.  Near trophy sized cobia and massive black drum came oh so close, but alas, they snubbed their noses at my offerings.  Small triggerfish around the 1st island and lunch break bassin’ are cool and all, but just don’t cut it.

After 8 outings, I finally busted the slump.  I was out at the CBBT 1st island, soaking bait for big uglies (black drum) while messing with small triggers, croakers, black sea bass, and oystertoads on my sheepshead rig.  I thought I had a trigger bite my mole crab when I set the hook on something big.  The drag run had me thinking it might be a behemoth trigger or maybe…
then I saw the stripes of the convict.

24″ Release citation Sheepshead
Trophy Specie #4: Check
Thanks to Joe Underwood for helping with photos

Sheepshead are one of my favorites in the Chesapeake bay, but cobes, big uglies, and a few other species will take priority in my quest for saltwater trophy specie numbers 5 and 6.

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