Sorting Your Way Through the Lure Rainbow

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Contributed by John Wayne Peacock

Just take a walk down any aisle of any tackle shop and you will quickly realize that the color combinations are endless. But the age old questions remain.

What color is best?

What colors can fish see?

Does it make a huge difference?

I am going to give my educated opinions on these questions.


First let’s look at the water color you are fishing in. Not just the surface but the color at the depth you are fishing. It may be clear the first 3 ft then get darker depending on the type of bottom your fishing.Dark water I prefer a root beer or a dark green bait. Or I will go super bright my favorite being the electric chicken CAL jerk shad by DOA. Andin clear water I like to go through a clear or silver lure to match the clarity of the water. My favorite being the holographic and silver flakeshrimp from DOA Lures.


Now as far as what fish can and cannot see. I have no 100% factual answer for this question. But I have seen mullet with a little red in them get hit a lot faster than mullet that did not. So with that
said I would look at the paragraph before this and see what works best for you. Often confidence is a huge factor in success.

Now I am pretty sure we know the answer to this last one . Yes it matters don’t be afraid to change your lure color. Complacency cost more people fish than they will ever know.

I hope this has helped and remember if  all else fails try something new.

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