Stage Set for KBF Open Toledo Bend


After Hurricane Patricia ripped through Mexico and flooded most of Texas late last week the forecast was uncertain for the KBF Open. Wednesday the skies cleared and the winds shifted to the South and gave the Sabine Parrish its first glimpse of the sun in a week.

Fishing for black bass improved each day from Sunday through Tuesday as the storm released its strangle hold. Most of the bass I caught this week on Toledo Bend were in 18-22 foot of water. Lots of baits were getting it done but the one I kept going back to was a deep diving crankbait. The fish seemed to be searching out anything that acted like it was fleeing and then smashed it. I didn’t manage any giants but plenty of four pound fish were found as well as some two pound spotted bass in the mix.

Electronics, reading maps for subtle nuance and paying attention to how wind direction moved the fish was key. The grass frequency is down from past years most likely from the lower water conditions and cold winter. Finding it isn’t impossible. Bait is starting to get balled up so find a pod and rip a bait through it.

Best of luck to the competitors this week!

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Chris Payne

A lifelong Texan, Chris Payne has been an outdoor enthusiast his entire life and has spent the last 15 years fishing mainly from a kayak. He is known for his thorough and helpful reviews as well as how to articles for nearly everything kayak fishing related. If you have questions or comments, you can leave them on this post or email Chris at:

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