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As Kayak fishermen, we are constantly exposed to the sun. Not only does the sun cause nasty burns but it also causes skin cancer. It’s very important to stay protected from these damaging rays, and as damaging as the sun’s rays are, I am not a promoter of sunscreen for several reasons. There are alternatives to sun screen like ColumbiaPFG clothing, which i believe is better and safer for everyone.

First off, sunscreen had to be applied, if not applied properly, you still get affected by the sun. Also as kayak fishermen, we are prone to the sun screen getting wet and washing off.

Second, sunscreen has been proven to be just as much of a cancer causing agent as the sun.

Third, sunscreen is damaging to the environment. Think about it, most people wear sunscreen around water, it washes off and goes into our rivers, lakes and seas. The chemicals in sunscreen are damaging coral reefs which provide shelter and food source for many aquatic marine life. Who is to say that it is not damaging vegetation in our fresh water tributaries as well. And even still, Rivers and lakes mostly all end up in the sea.

So how do we protect ourselves from the sun? ColumbiaPFG. We all wear clothing, why not wear clothing that has a SPF50. Most ColumbiaPFG has a SPF of 50 from shirts, pants and even face protection for your nose and ears. When my daughter Erin was in the hospital battling leukemia, she had a two week break to come home in July. Where did she want to go, yes, Florida. So what did we do? She could not wear sunscreen from all the chemicals in it, so we bought her some ColumbiaPFG so she could enjoy being out on the beach without worry of getting sun burnt, it worked great!

So stay protected from the sun. None of us want those burnt top of our legs, arms or ears. So go get some ColumbiaPFG, keep our natural enviroment safe, and I will see you on the water. Tight lines!

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  1. Good to here from you Jason. Hope Erin is still doing well. I agree on all points and I don’t use sunscreen anymore either. I have started wearing Pearl Izumi sun sleeves and leggings. They have some kind of cooling built in that is like magic.

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