Surf to Summit Dry Bags

Dry Bag (Medium and Small)
Manufacturer: Surf to Summit
MSRP: $18.99, $20.99, $23.99

Surf to Summit may be known for their top of the line kayak seats, but they also make dry bags (among many other kayaking accessories). Their dry bags come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. All of which are available at HOOK 1. This summer I put the Small and Medium sized bags through their paces and this is what I found.

The medium and small bags have dimensions of  24”H X 15”W (2.5-3 gallons) and 17.5”H X 13.5”W (1.75-2 gallons) unfolded.  When using these bags remember you will lose a little size because in order to seal it the top must be rolled three to four times, and clipped.  The bags have clear bottoms with clear strip that runs up the side this is great if you are using multiple bags and don’t want to open the bag to see what is in it.

For me the medium fits a summer change of clothes, 3-5 rags, and a few meal replacement bars which equals a good full day on the water in the summer. The small contains a few small items like phone, wallet, snacks, and a few rags, or a change of summer clothes and that’s it (shorts, socks, long sleeve light weight shirt).

The bags are made of medium duty nylon, and have a rubber sealed inner coating. The hardware is made of plastic which is holding up well. The bag includes an adjustable strap that is also made of nylon. I have used these bag sfor several months and the construction is holding up well. I did notice a little moisture in the bag once, but I may have not sealed it completely so that may have been user error. I wouldn’t recommend these bags for high end electronics, but to keep clothes dry, and for storage it does fine.


  • Great bag for a day on the water


  • Construction could be more rugged, but I haven’t had any durability issues.


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