Rudder Install Step by Step Guide- ATAK 140

Michael Guyer shares with us what I believe is the most thorough and informative set of instructions to install a rudder on a Wilderness Systems ATAK 140. Many of these tips and tricks will apply to other kayaks as well, especially Wilderness Systems kayaks. Tools Required for rudder installation: #2 Phillips head screwdriver Crimping tool/pliers Drill & 5/32” bit Electrical Continue Reading

Full ATAK 140 Review with Improvement Points

Contributed by Chris Pierce Fishing kayaks and I have a rocky history. In the past they had a tendency to be stingy with the stability and I was clumsy and often fell out of them. Over the past 4 years or so several reputable fishing kayaks have come and gone through my life but all of that may have changed Continue Reading

Wilderness Systems ATAK Overview

The Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K. (Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak) has been one of the most highly anticipated releases from a major kayak manufacturer in recent memory. The secrecy around this kayak, the teasing with partial pictures on social media, and the long prototyping process have added to the allure. The ATAK gleans some of the best features from existing Wilderness Systems Continue Reading

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