Pro Staff and Sponsors the Easy Way. At First.

Getting sponsors or being on a pro staff isn’t that hard. At first. As long as you are willing to pay for it. Here’s my sermon from the tackle box on why you shouldn’t do what I did. The outdoor industry has been growing rapidly for more than two decades. My particular niche, kayak fishing has been exploding with growth the last Continue Reading

Vegas, Sidewalk Pimps and Pro Staff Lessons

Let’s get the eye rolls out of the way. I can hear it now, “The old man is going to drone on about pro staffs again.” Hang with me on this one though. This article isn’t about pro staff guys. This article is about predatory marketing schemes parading as pro staff agreements. If you have ever wanted to be on Continue Reading

10 Things Every Pro Staffer Should Know

Between learning the hard way, following mentors and seeing the dumpster fires ablaze on the internet, I’ve learned a couple of things about being a pro staffer. Sometimes pro means “professional”, usually it means “promotional”. I’m not going to argue that here because these points work for either. To the new guys, please read this list. It’ll help you. To the Continue Reading

The Good Ones

A handful of true professionals in kayak fishing really get it. I call them professionals because of how they act and what they represent. Some make some change on the side, others get some gear and discounts but regardless of official titles, these folks really get it. I’m not going to name names because frankly, most of them don’t want Continue Reading

I Paid To Be Pro Staff

  The kayak angling industry is growing rapidly. With the fast expanse comes a bevy of new companies selling their products in new venues and reaching new markets, specifically kayak anglers. Specialty shops for kayaking and specifically kayak angling are popping up and big box retail its increasing inventory quickly. The companies that want to have a consumer base in kayak angling Continue Reading

Road Map to Becoming the Next Big Thing

  Written by Chris Payne “I want to take my fishing to the next level.” I read this and hear this every day from kayak anglers. Every. Single.Day. “Next level” is really a cliché that has come to mean “I want you to give me free stuff”. It means “I am tired of paying out of pocket for every hook, Continue Reading

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