Kayak Rigging and Accessories: Where Do I Start?

As I talk to folks both new and experienced in the kayak fishing world, gear and kayak rigging bubbles up as a subject constantly. Having been in the kayak for more than 10 years now, I have rigged quite a few boats. I have done the “all in, all at once rigging” and then the “little bit at a time Continue Reading

Wilderness FlexPod Fish Finder Install

Michael Guyer is back to give us another walk through of how to install electronics into the Wilderness Systems FlexPod. I began by installing the transducer mount that was supplied with my Fishfinder/GPS Combo unit on the bottom of the FlexPod. Next, I put a healthy dab of LEXEL where the screws come through the bottom of the FlexPod to Continue Reading

Installing LED Fishing Lights

Now that summer is upon us and night fishing is firing up, I wanted to revisit an article from a couple of years ago that is a step by step install of LED fishing lights. More specifically, these are SuperNova Fishing Lights. They have changed a bit in appearance since then but the principles are exactly the same. Contributed by Continue Reading

Feeling Froggy: Tips for Fishing Frogs

Contributed by Cody Carpenter, Wilderness Systems Pro Staff Hollow body frogs are one of my favorite techniques for summertime bass fishing. I have put more time into learning the ins and outs of bass fishing frogs and I get asked a lot what the secret is. I have tried several different styles and brands of frogs and like with any Continue Reading

Rigging the Hobie Outback for sailing

The Hobie Outback is designed from the outset to allow the fitment of Hobie’s own Sailing Kit. I’m certainly not a big fan of sailing, though I really like the idea of being able to utilise a sail to enable me to travel further with ease and to perhaps fish marks that I’d not previously considered. The Hobie Sail Kit Continue Reading

PanFish & DogBone Mounts from YakAttack

I’ve spent the last three days re-rigging my kayak, incorporating some GearTrac along the way. The positioning on the GearTrac was dependent on several factors. One of those was where to position my PanFish camera/video mounts. The PanFish comes in two models, the standard PanFish and the PanFish Portrait. The biggest difference between the two mounts is the height, the PanFish coming in at Continue Reading

Wilderness Systems Commander Seat Bar Reinforcement Kit

I wanted to document a step by step installation of the Seat Bar Reinforcement Kit for my Commander 140 so that others would have a guide. If you have any issues with your Commander or are a little bit bigger angler, you may want to install the kit for added reinforcement. This kit will also work with the Commander 120. For the installation you will need a Philips head screw driver, 7/16 wrench, 1/8 hex Continue Reading

YakAttack ParkNPole Clips Install

On my previous WS Ride 135, I had installed a paddle holder to hold my stake-out pole. I now use the YakAttack ParkNPole as my stake-out pole on my 2012 WS Ride 135. It is considerable thinner than my previous stake-out pole and will not fit in a standard paddle holder. YakAttack has addressed this issue by offering clips that Continue Reading

Hobie Revolution Anchor Trolley Install

Sarah and I have been fishing some lakes recently, and they have become some of our favorites. The problem is that Sarah has nicknamed them Windysport for a reason. They set up high in elevation and don’t have a whole lot of cover. If projected winds are 10mph or more we go somewhere else. Boat position and drift speed are Continue Reading

Drift Chute (A must have for large water anglers sweet or salty water)

Sarah and I have been fishing some lakes that are high in elevation, and are not well protected from the wind. If the winds are above 10mph we decide not to fish these lakes so I thought we would try drift chutes. So I went bythe other day and picked up a couple. I have always been skeptical of these Continue Reading

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