How to Catch Cold Water Smallmouth

Words and Photos by Blace Hutchens Winter is setting in, and your local river has become frigid. Are you planning to hang up the paddle until spring? Do you still chase river smallmouth when the water temperatures drop below 50 degrees? A few of us die hard anglers can’t wait until spring for another chance to feel the tug of Continue Reading

Summertime Citation Smallmouth

Ask a diehard river angler the best time of year to catch a 20 plus inch smallmouth, and they will likely talk about when the water temperature is closer to 50 degrees, not 90. Summer float trips on our local rivers typically yield an abundance of dinks. They seem to be behind every ledge rock, log, or grass patch, pecking Continue Reading

Impromptu Bronzebacks

Timing is everything.  And as of late, my struggles to get that timing right have resulted in me being stood up on my last 4 dates with Big Red.  The Eastern Shore can be so unforgiving to some, but my persistence will be rewarded… eventually. This weekend, between bleach, caulk, birthdays, leafy gutters, weed, and mommy-daddy time, I found a couple Continue Reading

Essential Lures for River Smallmouth Bass

One of my Guided Kayak Fishing Class students with a nice smallmouth bass caught on a Winco’s Baby Predator Craw. When you’re chasing river smallmouth bass, you’ve got to have the right lures at your disposal. As I was developing this list, I challenged myself to come up with a handful of baits that would work for river smallmouth spring Continue Reading

Wintertime smallmouth fishing: Tough but rewarding

If you’re as passionate as fishing about me, then there is no off-season.  Once the air temperatures and river temperatures drop the fishing slows, but doesn’t stop.  It generally takes a lot more time to just get a couple of bites, but those bites stand a great chance to be from a quality smallmouth.  I wanted to share my advice Continue Reading

My New Starting Lineup

Today I received a present in the mail from a close fishing buddy. The mystery jigs are new to the scene in the long lineup of jig producing companies. Today it is hard for a company to come up with newly designed jigs, however I think in the case of jigs, why try to change a proven lure design? And Continue Reading

Spinnerbaits & Smallmouth: An exciting combination

Now that winter is starting to set in here in Virginia, I wanted to take a few minutes to share my new favorite smallmouth technique.  Before I get too far, I need to thank Juan Veruete of Kayak Fish PA, LLC.  He provided this technique during my first guided kayak trip with him during the fall of 2010.   This Continue Reading

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