Kayak Stability Versus Standability

Kayak stability has been a talked about feature for as long as I can remember. Few of the early kayaks (think 1990s) were much wider than 27 inches and anglers, myself included were worried about flipping from a hefty hookset. The question of kayak stability is still prevalent today, however, new anglers aren’t looking for just stability, they want standability. Continue Reading

What Does Stability in Kayaks Really Mean? 

Stability in kayaks is one of the most sought after qualities when asking potential buyers for their wants list. Often the buyer will seek out the advice of current paddlers and ask what a stable kayak is to buy. The answers will come by the dozens and have many different brands, makes, models, and types. Most will recommend what they Continue Reading

VIDEO: Too Busy's Tech Tips – Throwing a Cast Net

I love to catch my bait as part of the total fishing thing. Lately the harbor has been LOADED with menhaden and there have been so many finger mullet cruising that I just can’t resist throwing the net when I’m out in the slop. Well unless you paddle a Commander or like to swim I wouldn’t suggest standing up to Continue Reading

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