Use These Old Lures for New Fishing Success

As anglers, new fishing baits and techniques naturally attract us. Tournament anglers and recreational anglers alike love to have a bait that produces fish that not everyone else is using. It gives us an edge. Sometimes that edge isn’t the new stuff but rather old lures from years past. This summer I’ve actually been reverting back to decades-old fishing lures Continue Reading

Five Killer Baits for Early Spring

Everyone is looking for an edge as tournament season gets started. Some folks might be looking for a new bait or style. The ones listed below are five of my favorite baits for early spring. Hopefully you can use the info to catch a few more and maybe cash some bigger checks! Bladed Jigs/Chatterbait   Since 2006 when this style of bait Continue Reading

Winter Jig Fishing Formula

Contributed by Lucas Ragusa, BASS Central Open Pro Lots of people ask me what is my favorite way to catch a fish. My number one answer is “In the mouth!!” All jokes aside, to be a competitive bass fisherman you have to be able to remain versatile and at the same time do what your comfortable doing. You MUST have confidence in Continue Reading

Talking Fish

I’ve known it for years. Fishing for trout teaches it to you. Fishing for bass teaches it to you. Fishing for reds teaches it to you. The problem is we bury it under piles of maps, tackle, gear, reports and fishing forum gossip.So what is “it”? Here “it” is: The fish will tell you what they want to eat. Figuratively Continue Reading

Summertime Citation Smallmouth

Ask a diehard river angler the best time of year to catch a 20 plus inch smallmouth, and they will likely talk about when the water temperature is closer to 50 degrees, not 90. Summer float trips on our local rivers typically yield an abundance of dinks. They seem to be behind every ledge rock, log, or grass patch, pecking Continue Reading

Essential Lures for River Smallmouth Bass

One of my Guided Kayak Fishing Class students with a nice smallmouth bass caught on a Winco’s Baby Predator Craw. When you’re chasing river smallmouth bass, you’ve got to have the right lures at your disposal. As I was developing this list, I challenged myself to come up with a handful of baits that would work for river smallmouth spring Continue Reading

Topwater Tactics for Late Spring River Bass

Late spring in North Carolina is a time when you will still find a few river bass on beds, but most are in the post-spawn stage and quickly moving toward the summer bite.  Lately I have been sneaking out for a couple of hours in the early morning and hitting the river before work.  I have been fishing topwater baits Continue Reading

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