Sight Fishing Tips…Salt Style

“Picture this”… You’re standing in the cockpit of your super stealthy kayak while slowly cruising the salty flats, you spot a small school of redfish a mere 20 feet away. You stop and attempt to make a cast at the school only to blow them out like you threw in a stick of dynamite. Few things can get an anglers Continue Reading

Always Have a Plan B

It’s always good to have a back up plan when are planning a fishing trip. Mother nature has a bad habit of throwing a wrench in your plans. Mat and I  planned on fishing a winter area this weekend but decide to scrap the trip when the weatherman told us the winds would be blowing up to 30 mph directly Continue Reading

… Getting Slammed

I found this report after what I am about to tell you. My Grand Slam day turned into an unnerving situation by getting slammed.  That moment when I noticed the guys looking up at the sky, the wind jumped and hit us all in the face.  And not a second later heavy rain started pelting everyone, except those of us Continue Reading

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