Tenkara Fly Fishing Info and Starter Kit

Tenkara Sierra Package

Tenkara Sierra Package

Tenkara is a Japanese style of fly fishing that is great for beginners or any fisherman looking to try an alternative way of catching fish. Tenkara rods do not use a reel, but rather a fixed line on the tip of the rod—this simplifies your fishing experience and allows you to focus more on fly presentation. Tenkara Rod Co rods are extremely light weight and portable, making them easily storable in your pack, car or bike should you come across any fishy-looking water during your travels.

If you are looking at trying one out:

Tenkara Rod Co. – The Sierra Package | MSRP: $175.00

The Sierra is TR Co’s 10 ft. rod.  It has an incredibly soft flex and amazing feel to it.  We designed it with smaller water in mind.  When casting is tight and you need something small and agile, this is the rod.  The Sierra is one of our funnest rods because of how light and flexible it is. The rod package comes with a 10.5 ft. line which really allows you to keep the rod tip high and your line off the water for precise presentations. The action of the Sierra rod gives you so much feel throughout the entire rod that small fish feel really big. The flex in this rod makes even the smallest fish feel huge, and the kit comes with everything you need to hit the water and start fishing. This package has just been updated with a matte finish on the rod and rod tube, as well as a zippered neoprene rod sleeve.

Rod Specs: Length: 10ft (300 cm) Closed Size: 20 inches Segments: 7 Handle Length: 11.25 inches Weight: 2.8 oz Package

Includes: The Sierra Rod, rod tube, rod sock, 10.5 ft hand furled Tenkara line, 3 flies, wood line holder, tippet, lifetime warranty.

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