Top Accessories For Kayak Fishing

Accessory Needs for Catching Fish

Contributed by Rod Smith, Managing Director of CH Smith Marine of Australia

If you’re struggling to decide on whether to go fishing or kayaking, the decision seems simple. Combine the two.

Kayak fishing is advancing and growing at a staggering rate. Being equipped with the best accessories for kayak fishing  you’ll be set to enjoy a day out on the river.

If you’re a fisherman, you recognize the need for new gear. Pay close attention to these top gadgets that without a doubt will make your fishing trip far more successful and enjoyable.

  1. Kayak Seat

As all avid fishermen know, fishing may be a time consuming activity. When kayak fishing you must take into account your confinement to your seat opposed to that on a boat. It is essential to buy yourself a comfortable kayak seat that you will enjoy sitting on for hours and help keep your back strain free.

  1. Personal Floatation Device

A PFD is a must and they do not have to be restricting. Kayak specific designs are available to ensure you are unrestricted and allows for plenty of upper body movement when paddling or casting.

  1. Anchor

An anchor is an important accessory when planning freshwater fishing in your kayak. The ability to maintain your position according to the currents or winds can really aid you on your fishing trip. However, kayak anchors should never be dropped in the ocean, this can prove extremely dangerous as it can get stuck and sea waves could potentially pull your kayak under water.

  1. Rod Holder

When kayak fishing it is inevitable that you’ll be switching between your fishing rod and paddle. Taking this into account it would be a good idea to have a rod holder to ensure a secure facility keeping your rod safe and accessible. Subsequently, establish a paddle holder so your hands are free when using your fishing rod.

  1. Live Bait Tank

Despite the overabundance of new lure fishing techniques it is a known fact that live baiting is one of the oldest, well respected and most productive techniques for catching many of our deeply cherished fish throughout our waters. To have a truly successful fishing trip, you must ensure you have an adequate amount of bait to lure in your catch.

  1. Bait Board

This accessory proves an essential addition to your kayak. With its multi-purpose values it provides a great workstation, an ideal place to keep your knives and most importantly a spot to prepare bait to help entice your catch.

  1. Rudder Kit

A rudder kit will prove highly useful as it will help you track and prepare for difficult outdoor conditions. They come in two forms, hand or foot operated, either way it will be great help to keep your kayak on course when trying to catch fish.

  1. Navigation Light

You may question whether a nav light will prove useful during the day. Although it may not be used during daylight hours it at least gives you the option to continue fishing when the sun sets. The nav light gives you a great source of light. When thrown out onto the water it will always  float the correct way up supplying you the brightness you require.

  1. First Aid Kit

Unfortunately most fishermen don’t realise how important a first aid kit is until you need it. It gives a piece of mind knowing that if something serious did happen, you would be safe. You can make your own or buy one ready made. Ensure that your safety kit is always kept in a water-tight container to maintain its quality.

These two water activities perfectly compliment each other and can be enjoyed simultaneously. It is paramount you have the correct accessories to ensure an effortless fishing trip that you’ll love to do again and again.
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As the former President of the Boating Industry Association, Rod’s passion for boating and fishing is utilised in his current role as Managing Director of CH Smith Marine. Offering his masterful expertise, Rod ensures that customers leave with a love for the sea that parallels his own.


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