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One thought on “Wacky Rigging a Laminated Stickworm for Smallmouth Bass

  • May 10, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    Yes! The Winco 5″ laminated rigged just as you say (a little bite in the plastic and on the “belly” side was the ticket for me in this Juniata pool last Friday. I paddled into an area about 15 yards below an island. Saw about 6-8 fatties in the 16-18 inch range.

    Settled out for 30 minutes, no noise – just sat and did nothing. There was on large one just cricling over an over beneath my yak so figured I’d start throwing finesse baits. Nothing worked….
    until I stareted throwing the wacky warm (Winco’s laminated 5″ in my favorite color). Slowly but surely over the next 90 minutes or saw I think I attached to every fatty that was there. About 7 of them.

    You taught me well – and Wincos baits have been the ticket for me.

    The trip I mention above was a 3 day Juniata weekend (first weekend in May) Have to report that the biggest fish on the trip came either on Wincos predator craw (you know the color) but I did have to up size to 3.75 or wouldn’t get picked up.

    I was using some custom stuff of my own for locating along with a small spinnerbait. But when I located the big ones came on the Winco predator 3.75. Largest was a 20″ at 4.5 lb and a 19 at 4.25, but a lot of 18’s down to 16″ that came primarily on the Winco PC or the Winco lamintaed stick worm.

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