Wheeleez Attachment Strap – How-To

Since we started kayak fishing years ago, we eventually got kayak wheels and boy, what a great thing wheels are to have!  No more carrying a kayak outfitted with gear down to the water.  Before you start rigging your kayak, place it on the kayak wheels and then start setting up your kayak fishing gear.  Wheel it down to the water and you’re ready to go.  If you travel on sand the best wheels on the market are the Wheeleez balloon tire, Beach Cart as shown below.  If you already own a pair of Wheeleez wheels, you know that the straps are separate from the wheels and they can be lost easily.  We have solved that problem by attaching the straps directly on the Wheeleez frame.  You can use the straps they send you or use webbing material with a buckle clip.   

 First take about 3 feet of strap material per side.  Fold one end over about 1″ and burn a hole in the middle of the folded-over strap for the screw to go through.  You can heat up a screw driver and stick it through the strap material.  Unbolt the frame – only one side at a time – and attach your folded strap material as shown here:

Adjusting the straps on your Wheeleez wheels

Make sure you have a nice size washer bewteen the bolt and strap/webbing material, so it doesn’t pull through the webbing.  Repeat on the other side and you now have straps attached to your Wheeleez wheels that can buckle or cinch on the top.   No more loose straps.

Wheeleez wheels with straps adjusted

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