The Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K. (Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak) has been one of the most highly anticipated releases from a major kayak manufacturer in recent memory. The secrecy around this kayak, the teasing with partial pictures on social media, and the long prototyping process have added to the allure.

The ATAK gleans some of the best features from existing Wilderness Systems kayaks and re-imagines some new ones.  The front hatch and removable electronics pod are no doubt inspired by the Thresher series and the Air Pro Max seat is straight out of the Ride series. Tracks for gear all along the hull have become a Wilderness staple.

New additions like the rear access hatch for rod storage and a modified center console are positive additions but two changes are making the biggest splash from testers and retailers alike.

The flattened out deck with a non-skid padding and slight hull modifications makes standing to fish a breeze. Jeff Little, one of the Wilderness Systems testers said, ” I stand quite a bit in my Ride 135, but this boats stability far surpassed that. The biggest asset to its standability is a wide flat standing area that allowed my size 14 river boots to travel up and down the deck.”

The other big change is lowering the deck height. Designed to catch less wind, the ATAK should be easier to stay where you want, paddle easier in a cross wind and produce less drag on those windy days.




For comparison, these are the specifications for each of the kayaks mentioned. One important note is that the Thresher does not have an Air Pro Max seat. You’ll notice the ATAK has more capacity, is wider, but has a lower deck height. All of those things combined make this a great all purpose kayak for almost every angler.

ATAK Specs
Length: 14′ 1″ / 430 cm
Width: 34″ / 86 cm
Weight: 86 lbs / 39 kg
Deck Height: 15.5″ / 39 cm
Capacity: 550 lbs / 249 kg
Optional rudder for the A.T.A.K. costs $249.

RIDE 135 Specs
Length – 13’6″ / 411 cm
Width – 31.5″ / 80 cm
Weight – 82 lbs / 37 kg
Deck Height – 16.25″ / 41 cm
Capacity: 550 lbs. / 249 kg

Thresher 140 Specs
Length – 14’3″ / 434 cms
Width – 28.75″ / 73 cm
Weight – 75 lbs / 34 kg
Deck Height – 14.25″ 36 cm
Capacity – 400 lbs / 181 kg


If you’d like to pre-order one of the ATAKs you can do so NOW at HOOK 1. Available in an array of colors, the new Wilderness Systems ATAK could be the next big thing!







































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  1. That kayak looks awesome. I would like to order (pre-order) one, but it does not say anything about when it will come out and the order will be filled.

    Cool looking kayak though!

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