I recently ordered a few things from YakAttack for my 2012 Wilderness Ride 135 and wanted to show you how easy this product is to install on your kayak. I know that there are a lot of people out there that are afraid of drilling holes into their kayaks but I’m here to tell you that this is a piece of cake.
The GearTrac is a track system that anyone can put on any brand of kayak on the market today. It is a way to mount accessories to the kayak that has not be available until now. I know that there are some kayaks on the market with track systems but not all of them. My Ride 135 has it on the front but not the back where I wanted to mount a couple of rod holders as well as my transducer mount. The kit comes with everything you need except the drill and screw driver to tighten down the screws. The drill bit that is packed with the screws will allow you to pre drill the holes for the GearTrac as well as the stainless screws.
First off, you need to figure what size GearTrac you are going to need. I went with the twelve in sections for the rear of my kayak. Place the GearTrac down where you want to mount it and hold it in place. There are going to be two rows of pre-drilled screw holes on the GearTrac where you are going to use the screws provided. I started on one end and drilled out the inside corner to start. Then go to the other end and drill out the corner closest to you. Take a couple of the screws and tighten them down with a hand held phillips head screw driver. Now that the Trac is held down on both ends you can drill out the rest of the holes for the rest of the screws provided. You want to make sure the you hand tighten these screw to make sure that you don’t strip out the screws to the kayak. After making sure that all of the screws are tight you are finished and ready to use some of the accessories that are available for the GearTrac.
I mounted the VISICarbon Pro and PanFish on port side (left side sitting in the kayak). Then I mounted a rod holder and transducer mount on the starboard side (right side).
The options for the GearTrac are endless and can mount it anywhere on a kayak. GearTrac makes your kayak not only adjustable, but fully configurable, enabling you to change your setup from one outing to the next. Trolling today? Fly fishing tomorrow? Shooting ducks next weekend? GearTrac gives you the ability to go from a fully rigged kayak fishing machine to a flat deck in minutes.
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