Yak Power LED Button Kayak Lights Shipping Soon

Yak Power LED Button Kayak Lights Shipping Soon

Yak PowerSouthern Audio Services, Inc (SAS), maker of the Yak Power brand of quality 12v electronics control systems and accessories for fishing kayaks, announced today that they will soon begin shipping new LED Button Light Kits.

Available in RED, GREEN, BLUE, and WHITE, these new LED Button Lights follow in the plug-and-play tradition for which Yak Power is becoming known. Featuring a 5/8” socket head, anodized aluminum, self tapping, self sealing housing and Yak-Power plug-and-play wiring, adding these new LED Button Lights to a kayak is simple.

Yak PowerDrill a hole, screw them in, plug them in, and power them up. That’s it! There are no wires to cut, no splicing, no caulking, and most importantly no LEAKS!

The LED Button Light Kits are a complete solution that includes 2 LED Button Lights, a 9mm drill bit, and a plug-and-play SAE splitter for easily connecting them into any Yak Power system. And, the Button Lights themselves feature a 5/8” socket head making them very easy to install with a standard socket wrench set.

Yak Power“We wanted to make sure the average DIY consumer would already have the tools he needed to be able to easily add these lights to their kayak” said Jon Jordan, President of Yak Power. “Everyone has a socket wrench set and we included a 9mm drill bit in the kit just to be sure”, he continued.

On the other end of the Button Light housing is a 12ft pre-terminated fully jacketed wire with the same watertight, gold plated, O-ring connector as found on their LED Light Strips that plugs right into their SAE splitter.

Yak PowerThe included SAE splitter allows both Button Lights to be controlled by one switch with no additional wiring or termination. All wiring is complete with Yak-Power plug-and-play SAE connectors for easy integration into any Yak-Power system.

Yak Power offers the LED Button Light Kits in 4 different color options:
GREEN is best for attracting bait.
BLUE is best for night vision.
RED is good for keeping bugs away.
WHITE is good for compartment lighting

Originally developed for Ascend kayaks, Yak Power began as an electronics control system designed to make it quick and easy to add and control 12v electronics to a kayak. The Ascend 128T Yak Power edition is the first kayak to have the Yak Power system preinstalled. It started showing up in Bass Pro Shops stores as early as January 2017.

The Yak Power aftermarket products then became available through the Yak Power website and started arriving into stores in early March. The company announced today that the LED Button Light Kits will be available through www.yak-power.com on August 15th and will begin arriving at Bass Pro Shops stores by the end of August.

Yak-Power lets you spend less time rigging and more time fishing.

Control the Current!



For more information on Yak Power contact:

Jon Jordan
Southern Audio Services, Inc
225-272-7135 x114
[email protected]


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