Yak Power Now Accepting Authorized Dealer Applications

Thursday, April 06, 2017 – Southern Audio Services, Inc (SAS), maker of the new Yak Power brand of plug-and-play electronic accessories for kayaks, is now looking to establish an Authorized Dealer network of Independent Dealers nationwide. Originally created as an OEM switching solution for the new 2017 Ascend 128T Yak Power edition kayak, the Yak Power retail products, which allow consumers to easily install the same system on any kayak, started showing up in Bass Pro Shops stores in early March. The company announced today that it will now begin focusing its efforts on building a strong, brick & mortar dealer network and has started accepting dealer applications through their website.

From the company’s website: “As the innovator of the most versatile system on the market to add 12 volt accessories to any kayak, Yak Power is proud of its role in enhancing the enjoyment of recreational kayak users, as well as, improving the functional aspects of kayaks when used for fishing and other recreational activities. These products give users the unprecedented ability to easily attach, power, and control a whole host of applicable 12 volt accessories to their kayaks without the installation hassle of cutting and splicing wires.

We recognize that high-quality dealers invest time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience through knowledgeable staff, compelling product presentation, and installation expertise. To support those efforts, Yak Power wishes to establish a strong brick & mortar based, independent Dealer Network that allows the company to maintain the high level of customer service and support that consumers have come to expect. If you are an Independent brick & mortar retailer, please use our online form to apply to become an Authorized Dealer.”


The initial Yak Power retail product is an assortment of 17 different plug-and-play products. These products include the retail version to the Power Panel switching system developed for the 2017 Ascend 128T, as well as, their new LED light kits that feature a patent pending waterproof through hull fitting that makes installation easy and water tight. The assortment also includes a custom battery box with charger, master power switch, and integrated USB ports, as well as, an inline RF remote control module that gives users complete wireless control of the entire system.

For independent kayak and outdoor accessory dealers, the Yak Power line of products will add incremental retail sales, ease of installation and rigging, and an overall better customer experience on the water. You can apply to be an Authorized Yak Power Dealer at https://www.southernaudioservices.com/DealerApplication.aspx



For more information on Yak Power contact:
Jon Jordan
Southern Audio Services, Inc
225-272-7135 x114
[email protected]

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