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I recently had the chance to go to Stuart to visit the Yo-Zuri headquarters and do some fishing with a friend of mine, Jimmy Nelson, the host of extreme fishing adventures.


After a tour of the facility we sat down to learn about Yo-Zuri’s new lure selection for 2011.

One lure that I was not familiar with is the Edge Trembler which is a subsurface twitch bait that has become one of my favorite hard plastic baits for working deeper water. With it I am able to work various depths of the water column thouroughly and have found it very productive in getting reaction strikes.


Yo-zuri has also worked a special coating on their lures which lights up the the presence of UV light. Even though UV is not visible to the human eye, it is a spectrum visible to fish.


I also noted some of the other changes in crystal minnows which will be available toward the end of the year with a textured reflective coating.


Now with product in our hands, we hit the water. The tides were less than optimal but we still managed to have a very productive day on the water. Snook did not seem to be shy and we were able to convince them to come out and play


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2 thoughts on “Yo-Zuri Headquarters

  1. I’m a big fan of their lures AND their line. I don’t think either gets the attention that it deserves and folks would be well served to try some of their products out. You will NOT be disappointed.

  2. GlockGuy,

    I totally agree. I have been using yo-zuri products and line for a while and they have worked very well for me.

    I really think the shrimp that is coming out will be a big player in the time to come.

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