Fast Tracking Lure Confidence

Have you ever wondered what the quickest way to gain confidence in a new lure?

Lure Confidence Article Contributed by Jay Randall

The first thing you need to do when you get to your favorite fishing hole is grab your rod and tie on your new lure that you want to fish. Second thing is to leave everything else behind. I have found that by taking out that one new lure and nothing else, fast tracks confidence a great deal. I know what you’re thinking, “Really Jay? Just one rod???” Yes… that is all you need. I know it sounds a little crazy but I assure you it will help so much.

Before anything you want to make sure that you have done some pre-search (I like to call it) on YouTube, the web and any articles you can get your hands on. Immerse yourself in all the material so that you have a solid idea on how to fish the lure. Make some notes if that helps you as well.

Now you’re in business. You’re at your favorite spot and you’re going to catch some fish. The trick is to stay positive in the endeavor. You are here to learn the bait and not necessarily catch a bunch of fish or a huge one. I mean that’s all fine and dandy but let’s be realistic. You need to see how the lure functions so that you can understand how to fish it and see what the strengths are as well as the deficiencies depending on what type of water you are fishing. That will all depend on how you plan to fish the lure. Now start throwing that bad boy.

confidence lure jay randallThrow it anywhere that you can. Throw it in the junk, the muck, the mud, the fallen/sunken trees…what have you. Try different cadences. This could make all the difference that day. Depending on the water temp and what the weather is like the fish could be anywhere on the water column. Remember your best option is to put the bait in front of the fish or as close as you can get it by them. Also something to think about is whether to move the rod tip in any sort of way to give the lure more lifelike presentation. You’re trying to emulate a fish or some kind that fish prey on. Crash it off rocks and sunken timber, drag it through the weeds, rip it out of the weeds…the options are endless. Anything can work. Develop your confidence in the lure.

Be sure to move around as well. You need to stay mobile just like you’re in a bass boat or kayak. You have to go find those fish if they aren’t sitting at your spot waiting for you. The more mobile that you are the better chance you have to catch a fish.

The most important thing for confidence is to stay out of your head. Don’t get hung up on negative thoughts if you’re not catching fish. We all know that there are times that you aren’t doing well and then you start to question yourself. “Am I a good fishermen?” Of course you are. You just need to stay on top of your A-game. Keep throwing the lure so that you know what it will take to catch the fish and I promise you that you will catch a fish eventually. You just have to stay positive and accept the outcome no matter what it is. You will prevail on the end and once you do you will be so happy.

Now go out there and take a chance. You just might surprise yourself.


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