Grizzly Box Blind Defends Against Elements, Conditions and Instincts

Grizzly Box Blind Defends Against Elements, Conditions and Instincts

Every inch of the customizable Grizzly Box Blind has been designed to aid hunting performance, concealment and comfort for the ultimate hunting blind experience. It was built to be silent with noise-less friction hinges and sealed with a gasket tight closure to avoid detection, with solid one-piece rotomolded construction and a standard lifetime warranty.

The Made-in-USA Grizzly Box Blind is easy to transport and forklift ready for delivering this advanced hunting blind to a prime hunting location. The one-piece rotomolded construction keeps hunters out of the elements while waiting for the perfect shot. Rifle hunters will appreciate the expansive views of shooting opportunities from three large horizontal windows. Five vertical windows offer optimal shooting angles for bowhunters.

Customize this well-engineered hunting blind with carefully designed components to ensure an even better, more comfortable hunting experience.

Window shades are available in two concealment options. Shadow shades attach to blind windows with a simple loop attachment, designed for smooth, silent one-handed operation. Every shade keeps hunters’ silhouettes obscured and undetected by game while allowing unobstructed views of hunting areas. The total block Blackout shade features a middle peep window with easy-to-operate magnetic flaps for viewing and ranging with one-handed, silent motion. Suggested retail $24.99 each.

Window frame interior and exterior gaskets work hard to keep scent inside while windows are closed. When windows are opened, ozone devices can be used to reduce scent. Ozone ports can be used for hanging ozone distribution devices like Ozonics, ScentLok®, etc. to help reduce scent detection when windows are open. Four ozone ports can be factory installed or self-installed later. Suggested retail for blind with factory installed ozone ports $3,499.99.

BlindMAT HD 6’x6’ high density nitrile foam rubber flooring deadens sounds, staying soft in cold temperatures and repelling liquids for all season stealth and easy cleanup. The octagon-shaped mat fits the Grizzly Box Blind floor perfectly. Suggested retail $299.99.

BlindBARRIER/Insulation Kit consists of a quilted anti-microbial fabric which provides both a scent and sound barrier. The BlindBarrier is easy to install and remove using the BlindTRAX system. Offering warmth when temperatures dip, hunters can shelter and function with peak performance and dexterity when it counts. Suggested retail $449.99.

Two-tier metal Approach Shelves feature an EVA rubber surface and mount to the BlindTRAX system allowing for convenient access to gear and necessities. Each unit is 27” long, 6” wide with shelves 10” apart. Customize your blind and add as many shelves as needed. Suggested retail $99.99.

“There’s nothing like the Grizzly Box Blind on the market today,” explained Ethan Pole, Grizzly Coolers Marketing Director. “We had a steady stream of people at the ATA – Archery Trade Show – lining up to check it out. People were really talking about it. The customizing components are a huge plus. If you’re a gear person who’s always looking for the next thing or someone who takes their equipment and hunting locations seriously, this is the way to go.”

Grizzly blinds are available at and select retailers. Call Grizzly at 536.202.9199 if you have questions about how to customize your blind or about shipping. Suggested retail price for the Grizzly Box Blind starts at $2,999.99

About Grizzly Coolers: 

Grizzly Coolers is most known for its rotomolded, bear-resistant, Made-in-USA hard-sided Grizzly Coolers. Grizzly Coolers also makes soft-sided coolers, insulated drinkware and innovative hunting blinds. Learn more about all its products, its rigorous product testing process and where you can buy these quality products at

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