As snow grips much or the north, we think forward to the spring and catching bass once again. For some in the far north, this can be as late as May. However, we need not wait nearly as long.

Ice fishing is a great alternative to dreaming about fishing. I know many of you think of ice fishing as a useless waste of time as it is very cold and having to pull a bass of your hook with frozen fingers is as much fun as getting your fingers caught in a door.

Electricity, satellite tv, lights and heat...

However, ice fishing is not the cold solitary sport as it used to be. Ice huts are heated, come with TVs and even satellite TV. Add a generator and electricity is available. And these ice huts can be rented at an affordable rate so you do not need to buy one and figure out where to store it year round.

Warm and toasty inside, no one is freezing here!

Instead of spending your Sunday afternoon frozen on some northern lake with windows blowing around you in minus 10, you now have a man cave with all the amenities of home and the perfect environment to keep your beer cool. Better still, catch a good bass and have fresh smallmouth for dinner.

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