REVIEW: Apparel by Home Run Fishing Shirts

REVIEW: Apparel by Home Run Fishing Shirts

I fish freshwater quite a bit but always love a trip to the salt to chase big reds and gator trout. I also love a good fishing shirt. While surfing the web thinking about my next salt trip to Louisiana I came across a charter that was doing fishing shirts, jackets, and everything in between. Apparel by Home Run had some cool-looking fishing shirts that weren’t just another pastel solid color fishing shirt that everyone buys off the rack. These designs harkened back to the roots of fishing with Polynesian designs that were eye-catching and anything but boring. I pulled the trigger and got two different shirts to fish in for a review. Below are my thoughts but first, here is what the company says about itself. Link to the shirt I review is here: Apparel by Home Run Polynesian Fishing Shirt

About Apparel by Home Run

Apparel by Home Run provides Sun and UV Protection Shirts, Shorts, and other accessories. Our outdoor performance fishing and hunting apparel is specifically chosen for form and function for your next rugged or relaxing, back to nature, adventure. Shop Home Run for the best fishing and hunting shirts, shoes, and gear. Louisiana, The Sportsman’s Paradise State: Our headquarters is in the New Orleans metro area, near the Gulf Coast. You may have heard of our sister company, Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodging in Venice, LA.

Apparel by Home Run Polynesian Blue Review Payne OutdoorsThey’ve hosted professional fishing tournaments and live televised events. Collectively, we share the same passions as you – we are wildlife adventurers: Our staff is mainly composed of Louisiana natives who’ve learned from their legacy leaving ancestors, dating back centuries. Farmers, traders, hunters, fishermen and more who’ve explored the state’s natural wonders. Part of our staff also includes people who have moved here from other states.

From the Midwest plains, to desert terrains, and even overseas. The world is meant to explore, and our bodies were meant to move in it: We’ve fished inshore, offshore, deep saltwater, fly plus fresh water styles. We’ve sailed big fish boats far off coast, sat at docks, bays on a lakeshore, and waded in swampy bayous. Some have explored a variety of territories for game as well, in state and out of state. We’ve explored forests, mountains, desert and near arctic temperature locations. We go camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, go to the beach, get muddy, lift weights, and dance.

The Good: Apparel by Home Run

First, let’s revisit the look. The designs are fresh. This isn’t some big box trend for high school kids where they all dress in loafers and solid color fishing shirts. This shirt is going to get you noticed. The Polynesian looks are just one style they offer so if you really want that low-key look, they have those available too. I was drawn to them because they were different.

Apparel by Home Run Polynesian Blue Review Payne OutdoorsOn my first trip out I noticed a couple of things that I liked. The shirt is a little bit thicker than a normal fishing shirt. It’s not thick like heavy but more the weight of cotton instead of silk. In other words, I don’t see how much chest hair you have or if you have a nipple piercing. The stitching in the shirt is well done and doubled up at critical areas so the stress points in a shirt (if you wear them a little tighter fitting) don’t blow out. By not being a solid color you also stand out while on the water. The Polynesian design shirts I have will get you noticed by passers by and oncoming traffic. Not to mention, they look cool.

And speaking of cool, the fabric, even in its density, is cooling and UPF 50 which is great for days out on the water to avoid future trips to the dermatologist. These shirts are made for anglers by anglers. It’s not a fly by night business. Look up Home Run Charters in Louisiana. These folks know fishing.

Points of Improvement

I really like the shirts a lot. My one wish: they need them in a hoodie. If you look on the website they do offer hoodies but they are more cold weather hoodies than sun hoodies for summer and sun protection. If you took the Polynesian Apparel by Home Run shirt and made it with a light weight hood to keep my neck protected, that would be just almost perfection.

The other thing I’d love to see is development of shirts like this that could be a base for a fishing jersey. The same old designs from the 90s are tired. We need to be able to spice up the jersey design world. AHR, can we do that?

Final Thoughts

If you want a good fishing shirt that also lets you stand out from all the college frat boys, this is a great choice. Get noticed, be protected, and look good while doing it.

Apparel by Home Run Polynesian Blue Review Payne Outdoors

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