REVIEW: Line Taming Serum Line Memory Reducer

REVIEW: Line Taming Serum Line Memory Reducer

Want to stretch your dollar further or can’t seem to find a line that doesn’t have memory? I am always on the lookout for good deals or products that can help me with saving a few bucks. I recently came across Line Taming Serum made by John Adams from Tennessee. I figured if it works out well I could save quite a bit of money and time re-spooling¬†reels.

About Line Taming Serum

Line Taming Serum is a liquid product that you apply to your fishing line a couple of drops at a time. It isn’t a spray, but a true liquid. According to the bottle, it “Takes coils out of fishing line. Reduces backlashes. Works on monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid fishing line”.

How To Use Line Taming Serum

The directions state: Shake well before each use. Cast line out then add 2 to 3 drops to your line, reel line in and then add 2 to 3 more drops to the line.

Line Taming Serum

What I Liked

The Line Taming Serum worked pretty well. I used it on a reel that had 12-pound mono on it that tended to loop up pretty bad. If I had to put a percentage on the reduction I’d list it at about a 50% reduction in looping. It also improved my casting distance which makes sense because the line moves more fluidly through the guides.

I also appreciated the price. $6 for a bottle that will probably last me six months or more is a bargain. The warning to not get it on your hands or rod was also helpful. This stuff is really slick!

Changes that Might Be Helpful

Since the Line Taming Serum is so slick, a different applicator tip for more precise drops could be helpful. The old flip-top squeeze applicator isn’t very exact. That could spell trouble if you aren’t careful. Nothing worse than slippery hands and rods in a wet environment. An applicator tip like the ones that come with superglue could be a good alternative.

Final Thoughts

Definitely¬†give John a shout. It’s easiest to reach him through his Facebook page Line Taming Serum. This is $6 that’ll be well spent. Just follow the directions and heed the warnings.

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