REVIEW: Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion

REVIEW: Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion

Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion Review Payne Outdoors
I’m always looking for clever camping gadgets to take some burdens out of the planning. One of the things I always seem to fight is wind and rain. Keeping a campfire going to cook, if you’re even allowed to have a fire, can be difficult in the elements. Camp stoves are the quick solution for cooking without a fire but winds and rain can put them out pretty easily. That’s why the Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion caught my eye. It basically turns your camp stove into a convection oven or protected grill space when out in the wilderness or just a backyard get together.

About the Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion $130

Control the weather in your campground kitchen and significantly reduce fuel costs. Use your camp stove in rain, wind and cold with a wind blocker for camping stoves. Compare Camp Stove Guides, Camp Stove Reviews and make yours the best camping stove. Make use of Dutch ovens in fire restricted zones. Lodge grills and small BBQs can be used in rain and windy conditions.

  • Utility and function in design. Keeps utensils, towels and more at the ready.
  • Folds up flat ┬áto 4″x 32″x 18″ inside carry case with your stove and kit. Sets up in less than 2 minutes
  • Wind passes over the flames and away from pots and pans. Keep prepared meals hot.
  • Cooks faster conserving costly fuel.
  • Warming shelf suspends from the frame and holds three 10 inch dishes to keep your food warm.
  • Accommodates camp stoves up to 30″ wide and Lodge grills.
  • Nomex shell is vented for air flow.
  • Machine washable
  • Camping Foodies can bake bread, make fresh pizza, or roast whole birds.
  • Use your Dutch ovens in fire restricted area.


Wind Tamer : The Good

As far as camp gadgets go, the Wind Tamer is one of the most solidly built accessories I’ve reviewed. I suppose that’s because it’s built to withstand up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The cover is made from the same material as firefighters’ flame-retardant suits. The base plates and warming tray are metal as well as the support poles that make up the frame. It weighs about 16 pounds altogether.

Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion Review Payne Outdoors
While the footprint is decently sized, the Wind Tamer when packed lies very flat.

The Wind Tamer has lots of built-in accessory pockets and is designed to be a full cook station. I love the utensil holder pockets and the paper towel dispenser that is built-in. Everything where I can get to it without digging through totes or having the wind unroll all my paper towels.

Setup is easy and only takes a couple of minutes and the Wind Tamer comes in a convenient carrying case that stacks everything flat so it’s easy to store.

Points to Think About

Because of the materials the Wind Tamer is made of and its size, this isn’t going to solve problems for backpackers. This is more of an RV or car camping setup.

To make the portable size smaller when packed, I’d like to see the frame be more modular so instead of three total pieces go to nine that you’d put together like tent poles. I’d also like to see the bottom plate be foldable or hinged. This would allow the overall size of the stowed Wind Tamer to be about half what it is currently.

While I know this is most likely an expensive product to manufacture, a price point of $99 would appeal to more customers than the $130. It may not be doable but it is something to think about.

Final Thoughts on the Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion

If you RV camp, car camp, or find yourself traveling to lots of different places to fish and living out of your truck during tournament season, the Wind Tamer might be an excellent addition to your supplies. It lies flat, is rugged, and solves a host of problems for the outdoor kitchen. Read more about it at

Wind Tamer Camp Stove Companion Review Payne Outdoors
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