Is Something Up with Jackson Kayak?

As ICAST approaches, many kayak companies are making a splash with sneak peaks, new things coming announcements, and the like. The usual suspects are releasing a new pedal kayak or a new motor kayak, or a new offshore boat of some sort. Yet, there is a quiet amongst the media storm of information around Jackson.

Where is Jackson Kayak in all this? I haven’t heard a peep of anything new. In a world gone crazy with pedals, motors, SUPs, sails and more, is Jackson just going to hold the line of a paddle only kayak lineup?
Maybe. You know what they so though. It’s always quietest before the storm.

So is there an actual storm?

Hobie has a big announcement coming ICAST week and has already released the Eclipse.

Confluence Water Sports which houses the Wilderness Systems and Perception brands (among others) is announcing at least two new kayaks and some other cool “features” including a rumored pedal kayak.

Johnson Outdoors which is the parent company to Old Town has shown preview videos of a new pedal drive method for propulsion.

Feel Free has leaked pictures of their new offshore kayak called the Dagon.

Where is Jackson?

Scouring the internet for information on possible releases has led nowhere. An inquiry to Jackson representatives was met with an offer to see their booth at ICAST.

I can’t help but wonder, if there is no storm, does that mean Eric Jackson and company are positioning to be the paddle purist brand of choice?

Or does it possibly mean they are way behind in product development?

Either way, we will all find out Tuesday July 12th at the on the water demos for ICAST. Or will we?

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