Are Sponsorships Not What You Think?

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  1. A lot of good info in here. As someone who according to this post is on the Pro Staff level with a kayak manufacturer I have found this to be true. Be prepared to do some work. For me that has meant doing demo events, sometimes with a sizable amount of driving, and doing seminars. Personally I find these activities to be a blast but they are still work. Just because they are work doesn't mean you can't have fun doing it. In fact I would argue that if you don't have fun then maybe this isn't the thing you need to be doing. If you are gonna do it be passionate. One thing I do like here is the comment about not posturing and dogging other companies who compete with whomever you represent. I have seen a lot of this lately from other "pro staffers" not just in kayaking but fishing in general. I find it both turns me off to that person as a representative of that company and it turns me off to that company in general.

  2. NCPIERMAN says:

    this is so very true thanks for getting it out there for all to see

  3. Chris Payne says:

    Thanks for reading guys!

    @Ryan, I can't stand the posturing. Guys fish differently and like different things. What works for Dean Thomas down in Corpus may or may not work for Rob Fort in NZ. What works on the Bird might be lousy on Fayette. You have to find what works for you and respect others choices. I'm a Hobie Fishing Team guy but I'm fishing with Wildy folks tomorrow morning. We share a passion for fishing and that's all we need to have a good time. Hopefully some of this Brand Wars business will be eliminated by the companies running the "staffers" soon.

    @NCP, no problem. Chad saw there was a need after reading the previous article and reached out to help me dispell some rumors. He's always been a great resource for me and he's a straight shooter.

  4. For the most part I have found that kayak companies (at least the big ones) are friendly towards one another. At least publicly. I am referring more to some of the local guys who are "pro staffers" for this product or that and as soon as they represent that company they immediately begin making facebook posts about how crappy of a product the competitor makes. To me that isn't necessary and lacks class.

  5. Chris Payne says:

    I got you Ryan. Yep. No room for haters in kayak fishing.

  6. Also it was cool of Chad to give a little bit of insider info. I do get asked these questions a lot, and there isn't a secret formula. Something else I might add is that unless you are on that sponsorship level you don't have a lot of sway when it comes to getting others on the prostaff.

  7. Alan Sladek says:

    Spot on with your column this week. It takes commitment, passion and drive to make any dream come true. I know that with building the Kayak Bass Adventures network I have had to call in many favors and spend countless dollars, all out of my pocket. For something that may never happen. That doesn't matter because at the end of the day I love what I'm trying to do. Keep Living The Dream!

  8. Pat Harrison says:

    Ryan your on the money dont ask to be noticed be noticed for what you are doing. Always do positive things and People will notice,and pay attention.

  9. Nicely done from ODU Consulting. We We own and represent Rat-L-Trap and Snag Proof. You nailed the basics and the original article is also perfect to the point. We posted a link to your story this morning as well. ODU………

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